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June 24, 2011

Pablo Larrazabal


Q. How did it go today?
PABLO LARRAZABAL: You know, I played maybe the best golf tee to green. Unfortunately I didn't hole any putts since the last, and I was 2-under after 15 holes with 14 greens, didn't hole any putts, and then I holed a 79-metre shot at 16. Last year that hole take from me the title, and this year it give me an eagle.

Q. How much confidence can you take from that, making an eagle on 16 which caused you so much trouble last year?
PABLO LARRAZABAL: You know, last year I was 19-under par, three holes to play, and I make double bogey on 16 on Sunday afternoon to finish double bogey-bogey-par to lose by two. This year it give me an eagle and give me a lot of confidence. Now I'm not scared of that hole. I think I'm 1-under par in the last six rounds on that hole, so that's good enough on that risky hole. I'm playing, as I tell you, the best long game of the season today, so I'm very confident.

Q. We've seen your results on the European Tour of late. They've been very good. So going into the weekend how hungry are you over the next couple of days?
PABLO LARRAZABAL: I'm very hungry. I dropped my opportunity to play at the Open a few weeks ago at the qualifying there in Sunningdale, missing five feet for birdie on the first hole of a playoff, and I really want to play the Open, so this is one of the last chances I have here this week. Just going to go for it.

Q. How happy are you with your game?
PABLO LARRAZABAL: Today I think I played the best long game of the season. I hit the ball as good as I could, maybe the best almost ever, and I didn't hole any putts. I mean, was a little bit frustrating on the front nine, didn't hole any putts.
But today 17 greens for me is something special, to hit 17 greens, and to finally hole a bunker shot like I did on 16.

Q. You mentioned the 16th. Last year you double bogeyed that hole.
PABLO LARRAZABAL: I was leading by two going to my 70th hole there, and I put my ball in the water making a double bogey. You know, it cost me a tournament. So I forget about that, but making eagle today, making that shot into the hole made me feel a little bit happy.

Q. Last year you played for basically 68 holes almost perfect golf. You were in the lead. Did the eagle today give you some confidence for the rounds to come?
PABLO LARRAZABAL: You know, it gave me that boost. I was playing great. That shot, it did a lot -- it was a great shot. But 79, it's a perfect shot obviously, but it's a little bit of luck, as well. As you said, now I don't have to be scared of that hole anymore. From the last round of last year and yesterday and today I'm under par.

Q. You're always going for a victory. Is that the case this week?
PABLO LARRAZABAL: I'm going to go for it. I really want to play the Open. It's one of my goals this year. I really want -- second place would be great because I would get into the Open, but I will go for it.

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