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June 24, 2011

Blake Adams


BLAKE ADAMS: The first probably 29 holes I had a lot of opportunities. I had a good look at 16, good look at 17. Maybe a little bit longer.
Missed a good look on 18, good look on 1, good look on 2. But my whole body started wearing down there towards the end. So my opportunities didn't really come. Had a nice look on 8 and I made that, and then made a putt from nowhere on the last hole. So it was nice to finish with two birdies.

Q. How big was that par save on 4 up the hill after you put it in the rough off the tee?
BLAKE ADAMS: That was very, very big because I had like I said had am some great opportunities. Most of the day I hadn't really capitalized on them, so to walk away there with a par, you know, felt like a birdie. It was actually nice.

Q. Did you think about going forward in two on the par-5 at all or were you content to lay up on that front side when Boo went for it?
BLAKE ADAMS: I was content. My hip wasn't feeling so great on that back side, so I was just ready to get to the house.
And I laid up to a normal yardage, knocked it in that bunker and it just (indiscernible). So a little bit disappointed there. Left some shots, but it was a 36-hole day. A lot of mental fatigue.

Q. 36-hole day and you're 8 under. That's gotta be a good feeling?
BLAKE ADAMS: It is. I obviously entered the day with nothing. My whole body knew it was in for a long day. You know, I for the most part handled it pretty well. The last six, seven holes were a little rough, but we somehow got riled.

Q. Great. Thank you.

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