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June 24, 2011

Jim Renner


Q. What about all day yesterday you don't have a shot and you come out here and you shoot 7 under. Not bad.
JIM RENNER: Yeah. Seven under is certainly a nice score. I'll take it. I just had one of those days where I was just playing real solid. I made one bad swing today and that was my bogey. So one of the things I've been doing this year I guess is making bogeys with good swings. But you know, I just played real well and I putted real nice, so all and all it was just a solid day.

Q. Don't put it in the past tense because you still got 18 more to go. You got like 40 minutes and then off you go again, which is probably to your advantage to just keep going; right?
JIM RENNER: Yeah. That's the nice thing about some of these long days that if you do have a good rhythm going, you hope to ride it a little bit, so hopefully that's what I can do and play another good 18 holes today.

Q. Your rookie year, hasn't been great, and now you come close to home and look what you're doing. It's gotta be pretty exciting to score this way here, close to home.
JIM RENNER: Yeah. It's certainly one of those things where this year I've felt like I played a lot better than what I maybe had in results. But it's also been one of those things you live and you learn and you take your bumps and your bruises and whatnot.
So I kind of reassessed things after the last few weeks and it was nice to have obviously the U.S. Open week off, and I feel like I'm on the right track right now. So it's certainly nice and this is rewarding to have a nice good day and hopefully follow it up with a couple other nice ones.

Q. Enjoy your 30-minute break. Congratulations. What a great opening round for you and you cap it off with a 23-foot birdie on your final hole.
JIM RENNER: Yeah. That was a nice way to end the first 18. My caddie said to me, we haven't made one in a while, so why don't you make this one. So it was certainly nice to cap that off. It was just a solid 18 holes and hopefully go play another one.

Q. You haven't made one since the third. You let your caddie do a lot of the readings of the putts out there.
JIM RENNER: Yeah. His name is Tim Duffy. You know, this is our first week actually working together, so I just -- I've had a couple rounds with him, and he definitely knows how to read greens, and starting out I just said, all right, why don't you just do the green reading and I'll be your little puppet and you just tell me where to hit it, and so far it's worked out all right.

Q. Yeah. You guys have been a great combination. You've always been long off the tee. You're hitting fairways this week.
JIM RENNER: Yeah. Like I said, one of those things that I've kind of reassessed, like I haven't really hit it that bad this year or played really that poorly as far as what my scores have reflected. I've just kind of really just picked a lot of the wrong shots off the tee and stuff like that. So I feel comfortable this week with some of the selections and targets and whatnot that I have off the tee. So I've been comfortable so far.

Q. Great round. Tell us about it.
JIM RENNER: You know, it was certainly one of those things I was just happy to play today after sitting in a hotel room for all day of yesterday pretty much. So I got off to obviously a good start and you know, just played real solid and holed some putts and just felt real good about my game. I felt real confident about where I was hitting it and I got rewarded, so that's certainly nice.

Q. How extra special is it to do this so relatively close to your home state?
JIM RENNER: Yeah. That's certainly -- it is nice to look in the crowd and you see some familiar faces, you know. But at the end of the day this is a golf tournament, and you know, it's just like any other week, but you might have a few more people in the stands. But it's always nice to come to the Northeast. Who doesn't enjoy Northeast weather, right.

Q. People that share your accent, too, right?
JIM RENNER: Yeah. Yeah. It comes out pretty good. It's all right.

Q. When you have this kind of round and you finish the way you did, are you happy to jump right into the next round almost?
JIM RENNER: Yeah. That's also one of the great things about, you know, how my tee time has worked out that I'm going to get to go out and play right again, so hopefully I can ride, you know, a good start and keep it going as opposed to have a full night's worth of just kind of sitting around again and doing nothing. So hopefully just keep it going and keep the good rhythm going.

Q. Even though the greens were soft, were the pins in places where it still made it difficult to get close?
JIM RENNER: Yeah. There were certainly some pretty difficult pins out there. But obviously it's a big help with, you know, the greens being as soft as they are, and also with some of the fairways being as soft as they are because a lot of times maybe you'd have it roll out in the rough or who knows where. So it's certainly a benefit to all of us out here this week that you can also put your hands on the ball on the fairway.

Q. How many times have you played here before?
JIM RENNER: I have never played here before. This is actually my first golf tournament I came to as a kid. I think I walked like four holes and realized I was ready to go home.

Q. How old were you?
JIM RENNER: I was like 14. I have big memories of what it was like, but you know, I remembered how, you know, just how cool it was and how nice of a life that would be. So it all works out; right.

Q. Do you remember the year?
JIM RENNER: I was 14, so now you're really kind of asking --

Q. We'll do the math.

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