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June 24, 2011

Tag Ridings


Q. Well, first off, how crazy has this tournament been so far for you?
TAG RIDINGS: A little crazy. But this is the first time it's happened up here. That's the great thing is the golf course really holds true under these conditions. It's wet, but it's not as wet as you would think it should be.

Q. So you wait around all day yesterday. You don't get to hit a shot and now you come out here and you play at the crack of dawn. You get 18 in, and then in 40 minutes you tee up again?
TAG RIDINGS: Yeah. Actually it's a good thing to be in this wave, I think, just keep rolling with it. I'm probably not going to the range in between so I don't necessarily get too stiff in between rounds.
I think the guys that finished yesterday probably have a tougher time of it, they'll go all day without playing and might tee it up 5:30, but if we get another rain delay, they'll go a whole day without playing.

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