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June 24, 2011

Ryan Moore


Q. I guess the wait was worth it for you, come out and have a great shot on the last hole here.
RYAN MOORE: Yeah. You know, it's funny, I generally I've not come out of rain delays or come out early in the morning and finished up rounds very well, so it was nice. You know, I guess this game balances itself out eventually, so it was nice to actually get out there and I one putted every -- I got up-and-down on my first hole. I was just kind of high around the green.
And I hit a great shot out of the fairway bunker on 17 into about eight feet above the hole and then stuck it in there to about three and a half, four feet on 18.
So it was obviously a nice way to finish the round and a nice way to be able to go relax and feel good for the rest of the day and see what happens.

Q. Did you do something different mentally last night, knowing that you haven't played well in the past coming out of rain delays?
RYAN MOORE: No. I mean really there's nothing you can do. Some mornings you just get out there -- and it's hard when it's not in the rhythm of the round to play holes that you're not used to starting on. You know, it's just different.
You know, fortunately I had a good feel, and really it was that second shot on 17, you know, kind of got me going and the fairway bunker, over water the whole way. Not exactly what you want at 7:15 in the morning for your second shot of the day. So you know, to hit a good crisp shot there, you know, then I just hit two great shots on 18. So it was nice to get a little positive momentum there early and finish it off.

Q. Before the delay what was going well for you?
RYAN MOORE: You know what, it was just one of those days I just -- I took care of the holes I wanted to or you kind of should out here, and you know, didn't do anything special, didn't get myself in too much trouble, which was nice, you know, a nice bounce here and there.
But eagled No. 13, hit a great second shot in there to about eight feet up above the hole. And that was really nice way to go out. And you know, missed a couple pretty good opportunities, so it was nice to finish it off. You know, I felt like I really easily could have been 5 or 6-under, so it was nice to finish around that number.

Q. What are you going to do the rest of today?
RYAN MOORE: I'm going to go home and take a nap right now. I've woken up at 4:30 in the morning the last three or four days. I was at 7:30 Pro Am on Wednesday, so it's been an early rising week for me.

Q. You'll probably have another one tomorrow, too, because you'll probably, if you tee off today, it'll be late today and then you'll have to be back out early tomorrow.
RYAN MOORE: Yeah. Exactly. And this is going to be an on and off tournament, so actually to come back out and do what I did today and finish up a round that gives me definitely some positives going into the rest of the week, because you know this is going to happen one or two more times throughout the week. You're going to have to come out and finish up a round. So to actually have some positives as far as that's concerned, it's nice for the rest of the week.

Q. Okay. Sounds good. Thanks a lot.

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