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June 24, 2011

Johnson Wagner


Q. Probably worth the wait to come out and get a birdie on the first thing out here?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Yeah, definitely. I was real happy to get that 17th tee shot out of the way. It's just a tough hole. Easy if you put it in the fairway, but then I got to thinking about it last night, and I thought, oh, man, I could chunk it in the water and make double, but luckily I put that out of my head, hit it within about five feet and made it and had a nice up-and-down on 18.
Played with Michael who played great all day yesterday, and we just had a good group, lots of birdies and had a lot of fun.

Q. What was going well for you yesterday?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Everything was pretty good. I putted really well. I've never been so committed to my stroke, and I kept my head down. Didn't see any putts really go in. I was trying to listen for them and just really putted great. Gave myself a lot of opportunities on the back nine for birdies and capitalized on most of them.

Q. And what are you going to do today, probably wait till 6:00 tonight maybe?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Yeah. Hopefully we'll get out and play. If not, just a long day of waiting. But today at least I get to wait in my RV instead of the clubhouse. But just go back, hang out and probably try to catch a nap here this morning, watch a lot of TV, watch some movies, I guess.

Q. And the course, do you see any big changes in the course?
JOHNSON WAGNER: No. The course was so perfect on Tuesday, and it's definitely soft, but it's still in great shape and the fairways are real good. I think the maintenance staff has done a good job of getting it ready with all that rain yesterday. Scores should be low today. If the weather stays good, scores should be low, so I don't think 5-under is going to hang in there for long.

Q. Okay. Sounds good. Thanks.

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