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June 24, 2011

Chris Couch


Q. Chris, you gotta feel kind of unlucky and lucky at the same time, having three shots to finish out this morning after waiting all day.
CHRIS COUCH: Yeah. It was kind of a long wait to hit three shots. But you know, you gotta deal with the weather conditions out here, and it's not always perfect, so everybody's gotta deal with it. A couple groups got lucky and finished yesterday, got to go home.
But we hung out all day, had to wake up again early this morning and get 'er done.

Q. What do you think the course is going to be like for the guys starting the first round in the second wave today? Are they going to find a real easy course today?
CHRIS COUCH: I don't think it's going to be much different than what we had. I mean they may get a little less roll off the tee, so it may play a little longer. Greens are going to be a hair softer. But I think it's going to even out, you know.
I mean it depends -- we had a little wind yesterday. There's not much wind right now, but there's supposed to be some storms blowing in, so the wind will probably pick up.

Q. Talk about your round. What did you do well yesterday to get yourself to 5-under?
CHRIS COUCH: I stayed very patient. I shot one under on the front and bogeyed 10 and then just went on a little streak there. You know, the scoring holes out here are 11 to 15, and you know, I played those holes 5-under. So that was the important holes for me.
And just got on a little run there, made birdie on 11, eagled, 13, birdied 14 and 15. So it was a nice strong little run there.

Q. Now, what are you going to do the rest of today? If you do tee off, it'll be 5, 5:30-ish later this afternoon?
CHRIS COUCH: Yeah. I may go get a massage. Just relax and probably take a nap. Waking up at 5 two mornings in a row and being out here all day yesterday is kind of tiring and it's going to be a long week, so I need to get some rest.

Q. Okay. Sounds good. Thanks.

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