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June 23, 2011

Kawhi Leonard



Q. Kawhi, what does it feel like?
KAWHI LEONARD: I feel great right now. I got picked to be on an NBA team. I worked hard. I finally accomplished my dream now, but it's not over yet. I've got a lot of work to do to make an impact in the league, and I'm ready to do any type of work I've got to do.

Q. There were reports that the Pacers and the Spurs have made a deal sending you to San Antonio; if true, how would you feel playing in San Antonio?
KAWHI LEONARD: I feel good. I had a meeting with them, and I got a great vibe from them. Just any team I'm on, I'm happy with right now. I'm just going in, trying to do whatever the coach wants me to do to make the team successful.

Q. If that report isn't correct, you're going to a Pacer team that has a lot of players of your position, small forwards. What can you do to separate yourself and get yourself on the floor?
KAWHI LEONARD: I can do a lot on the court. I'm very versatile. The coach drafted me, and he must have a plan in his head, and whatever his plan is, I'm ready for it.

Q. Your emphasis on rebounding in defense, talk about with the Pacers that, can get you immediate playing time, because they struggled on the defensive end, in the post, especially. Talk about how you're looking forward to that opportunity?
KAWHI LEONARD: Yeah, I take pride in defense, myself, I like my men to score the ball. I'm just going to go in, do the same thing I did in college, get some rebounds and help my teammates find ways to win games.

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