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June 23, 2011

Markieff Morris



Q. Markieff, if you can talk about being drafted by the Suns.
MARKIEFF MORRIS: I'm grateful. I'm thankful being put in this position, and I'm going to work my hardest every day and try to contribute to this Phoenix Suns team.

Q. I wanted to ask you, Phoenix had a shortage of big men, so how are you looking to contribute instantly with your size and versatility?
MARKIEFF MORRIS: You know, just being able to score the ball whenever they give it to me. Being able to be effective on the pick-and-roll with Steve, and definitely being able to bring my defensive presence.

Q. Talk about your emotions, going back-to-back with your brother.
MARKIEFF MORRIS: It's a great feeling. Once I was called, I still had a little, you know, a little pressure on me waiting for my brother to be called. Once he was called, it just came off, and we are both grateful and thankful.

Q. You mentioned playing with Steve Nash. The last three forwards that have played with him have gone on to be All-Stars. What's it like to be playing with a guy that makes everyone better?
MARKIEFF MORRIS: Definitely makes me better. He's a great player and he makes his bigs good. I think that me playing with him is going to make me a lot better and I'm just ready.

Q. You went 13, he went 14. Does that mean you bested him one-on-one every time?
MARKIEFF MORRIS: No, no, that's cool. You know, we are both drafted and we both told reporters out there, maybe when I'm 60, I'll tell him I got one up on him.

Q. Was it getting difficult just to sit there and watch the picks roll by?
MARKIEFF MORRIS: It was. But I'm drafted now, so I'm cool now.

Q. You broke down when I asked you about Dan Brinkley, the things that he did growing up for you; what did he do for you, you and your brother?
MARKIEFF MORRIS: He was definitely a father figure that I needed in my life at the time. He helped me and he promised me this, and it definitely meant a lot to us.

Q. When did you know you were going to the Suns? Were you just as surprised when they announced the pick?
MARKIEFF MORRIS: I was. I definitely didn't hear it. But you know, I definitely was happy when I heard it, because you know, it fits my playing style and it's a place that I definitely want to be.

Q. (Inaudible).
MARKIEFF MORRIS: They supported me coming out and making the decision to come out, but those guys that helped me get to this point that I am; and now they sit there with me in this celebration.

Q. You're going to be working with two classy individuals, two exceptional individuals in Steve Nash and Grant Hill; how much are you looking forward to picking their brains?
MARKIEFF MORRIS: I hope they are ready for me to pick their brains, because I'm going to be following those guys around all day trying to get the most out of them, and I'm just ready to be there with those guys.

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