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June 23, 2011

Tim Sluiter


Q. Fabulous round, 66, you have to be very pleased?
TIM SLUITER: Of course. It's been a little bit of a struggle this year, so I was happy to get a round like this in right now.

Q. Is it a case of adjusting to The European Tour? Do you think that's why it's been a bit of a struggle?
TIM SLUITER: It might have been, yeah. It was definitely adjusting, and I haven't been playing well like I did last year. But I'm feeling a little better right now, and actually I'm feeling good.
So yeah, it helps, and I'm finally starting to feel comfortable here, which is good. Yeah, my game is getting better.

Q. It's a course where you've got to make a lot of birdies and you managed to do that today. How did you find it out there?
TIM SLUITER: Well, I really like this course. I was here in April to play a practise round, because I had to play The French Open qualifying on Monday. So I didn't play a practise round this week, and yeah, it's a great setup. It was different than in April. The rough was a little bit higher but it's not very tough at the moment.
Yeah, the greens are perfect, and the course is in great shape. So, yeah, I love playing here.

Q. Maybe that's a new formula, don't have a practise round.
TIM SLUITER: Maybe. Maybe. But yeah, definitely works this time. Take some rest on Tuesday and a little bit of practise yesterday, so yeah, needed the rest and it worked out.

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