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June 21, 2011

Na Li


N. LI/A. Kudryavtseva
6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congratulations on the win. How did you feel the game went today?
NA LI: It's tough, of course. I mean, opponent, beginning match she has huge, big serve, and also in grass she was playing more flat, you know.
So I have to rally every second. And of course I never know what happens, which shot she'll hit next one.

Q. She seemed to run you back and forth a little bit.
NA LI: Yeah, I know. I hate that, you know. (Smiling.) I like it standing.

Q. How distracting was the noise from the court next door? Both of you seemed a bit rattled.
NA LI: I think was okay, because you have to focus on your match. I mean, we are professional player.
So I was like, Okay, hopefully we can finish the match soon and we can concentration again.

Q. Did you have trouble with your knee at one point? You seemed to slip and you had a bandaged knee.
NA LI: Yeah, I mean, you know, because was late, so a little bit wet in the grass.
But, I mean, after point I think, Okay, I should even more take care.
But I mean, you couldn't change anything, so you have to change it yourself.

Q. Obviously fresh from a win in Paris. Are you confident for this tournament?
NA LI: I mean, French Open is much different than Wimbledon, different surface. (Smiling.)
And also I think French is over. So I would like to do same like before, what I'm doing: come to next tournament, focus on tournament.

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