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June 21, 2011

Nicolas Mahut


J. ISNER/N. Mahut
7-6, 6-2, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What were your feelings about today's match before, during, and after?
NICOLAS MAHUT: You talk a lot about this match before. I try to stay focus during the last three days about how I wanted to be on the court practicing and everything.
And during the match, that was not the same. Much more difficult for me to play.
If you want to talk about the atmosphere, it was not as huge as we was waiting for. But it's difficult to talk after losing that match.

Q. How did last year's match affect your life?
NICOLAS MAHUT: I think this match change a lot. All my career change after that match. Much more attention. More expectation, as well.
As you can see, when the draw was done and when you saw that we were playing each other, we were just talking about this match.
I'm sure you're all disappointing about today.

Q. Last year you were also very disappointed when you lost. Yet it seemed as if you were able to change it into a very positive thing with the book, with everyone giving you such affirmation, telling you how well you did. What changed your view of the match from a disappointment to an achievement?
NICOLAS MAHUT: It's really difficult to answer in English.

Q. It seemed at first you were very disappointed. You felt you let people down by losing that match.
NICOLAS MAHUT: You read the book, right?

Q. Yes. But then you saw that there were many positives to be taken out of it. It seems to us that in many ways you look upon it more fondly than John does, who felt sort of like, I don't want to be known as the guy that won this match, I want to be known for more than that.
NICOLAS MAHUT: Yeah, but at first I was really disappointed, but I'm still disappointed. But what we did last year, it's much more than a tennis match, what we show on the court. I'm very proud of it.
But this is from last year. Today I just lost the match in three sets. It's a different story.

Q. John said he thought your movement was hampered by your knee. Can you talk about that. Was it bothering you?
NICOLAS MAHUT: Yeah, I mean, little bit. But I just don't want to talk too much about that. He just played better than me, and that's it.

Q. What do you feel about John, both from the experience last year and the year in between and today?
NICOLAS MAHUT: John, we became very close friends, which is the most important thing for me. And I hope this year he gonna go through the second week.

Q. Do you want to play with John next year maybe once again in the first round here?
NICOLAS MAHUT: Yeah, of course I would like to. Not first round.
You know, I just lost in Wimbledon. It's in one year right now. So I'm really disappointing about the results. I just don't want to think about next year. It's very far away.

Q. You said John played very well today. Can you describe what you saw in John today.
NICOLAS MAHUT: I didn't say he played well. I said he played better than me. I think he could play much better than he did. I think he will do it in the next round because I'm sure that was not that easy for him, as well, to play today against me.

Q. Why do you think today was such a different type of match?

Q. From the last time you played.
NICOLAS MAHUT: Everything was different. I mean, condition was different. Everything was different. It's another year, another match, another tournament.
Was difficult to play this match. We talk about last year during three days. That was not easy. But he handle much better than I did.

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