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June 21, 2011

James Ward


6-3, 7-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: James Ward for you.

Q. Obviously must be disappointing. What do you think you could have done better to have made an impact on the match?
JAMES WARD: Uhm, I think I did make an impact . I mean, if you look at the points out there, I had a few breakpoints, and he served very well, especially on the breakpoints.
He didn't give me too much options on his serve. I could have maybe served a bit better myself. But it happens. He returned quite well and made me play a lot of difficult shots.
It was a tough match, not the easiest draw out there. You have to deal with it. And today he was better.

Q. You obviously got off to a bad start. Apart from that you seemed to play well up until you lost the tiebreak. Did you feel you were in it, causing him problems?
JAMES WARD: Yeah, of course. I was in the tiebreak. I was 4-2 up in the breaker. He hit a great slice just over the net. That's not an easy ball to deal with. If I win that set, you never know. The momentum changes; it's a different match. But I didn't.
Again, didn't serve as well, you know. I felt my serve let me down a little bit, especially in the third set. But I still had chances, you know. I still had a lot of breakpoints out there and a lot of chances at 30-All. He come up with the goods at the right time.

Q. After the success you had at Queen's, did you feel perhaps the extra pressure to perform here?
JAMES WARD: Not really. It's nice that people expect that sort of a performance and level from me. I expect it from myself every week. It's not just because I've done well at Queen's one week that everyone else expects it. I always expect it of myself. Hopefully I can at this point to play the rest of this year at this level.

Q. How good was it to step out on court with the home support?
JAMES WARD: It was great. The court was pretty full. It was a nice experience, yeah.

Q. What's on the menu?
JAMES WARD: I'm still in doubles. Can't be too depressed. I'm playing doubles, I'm not sure when because the schedule is not out yet.
Then after this I obviously look forward to playing Davis Cup. Playing with Andy, that will be a big experience.

Q. You want to be back next year?
JAMES WARD: Yeah, of course. Everyone wants to play Wimbledon, especially if you're British as well. It's a great feeling to be here at home involved in the biggest tournament in the world.

Q. What have you learnt most from Queen's and this experience of being here?
JAMES WARD: Just proved to myself and to others that I can beat players on a consistent basis, you know. I need to do it every week. I mean, I played Llodra who is 25 in the world. He's not the easiest draw out there.
I've got to look at what I did at Queen's and Nottingham the week before and some good performances and just take it forward for the rest of the year.

Q. On Twitter this morning you asked people to be very loud on Court No. 2. Did you feel that home support?
JAMES WARD: I mean, it could have been a bit louder, I guess, if I'm being critical. But, you know, I didn't really give them too much to shout about. You know, you've got to be honest. If I won the second set, I'm sure there would have been a better atmosphere out there.
But it happens. He sort of silenced the crowd. He played very well.

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