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June 21, 2011

Bernard Tomic


B. TOMIC/N. Davydenko
7-5, 6-3, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. First win at Wimbledon, right, over a former No. 3 in the world. Must be excited.
BERNARD TOMIC: I am. I'm really happy. I wasn't happy when they pulled my name to play him in the first round, but the way I played was really good. Got a lot confidence off that match.
I can't wait for my next round.

Q. Did you think he might be a bit susceptible on grass? He hasn't got the best record at Wimbledon.
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, looking at it, yeah, it's not his favorite surface. But the way I played probably gave me an extra confidence boost. I think his favorite surface is hardcourt.
The way I played was the perfect style to beat him, I think.

Q. Were you happy with how you came back from dropping all those break points in the first set, and the set points as well? You had chances, didn't you?
BERNARD TOMIC: I mean, after that when I broke back it was 5-All, a lot of things went through my head - good and bad things. I'm happy that I won that first set.

Q. How do you compare that form in your match to the Rafa match in Australia?
BERNARD TOMIC: Um, very different. I think that match I played against Nadal I was a bit more relaxed and I hit the ball a little bit harder.
Today it was just windy and it was difficult to hit from one side. It was really tough because the wind was pushing you back, and all you could do was just keep the ball in the court today on one side.
But on the other hand, on the other side, you know, I could follow through and hit the balls hard.
Difference was I think Nadal was a champion in that match. Today obviously I played a really good player, and I'm happy I won.

Q. Happy with your playing schedule? In the lead-up to the French you maybe weren't playing as much as you could have been.
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, probably. Um, you know, clay is not my favorite surface, but I'll continue to grow on that surface in the next few years.
Probably could have at least played one more tournament before the French, but I've got a lot more to learn on that surface.

Q. Does your game really suit grass, though?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah. I loved it when I was young. Won a lot tournaments in Australia. I think my game is always going to be suited on grass.

Q. Why in particular? Is it because you hit a bit flatter?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, it's because I like the ball down low and I don't mind lifting balls, and my slice really works well and I can move players around on a grass court. A low ball in tennis is a tough ball to get back.

Q. You're pretty happy overall with your serving game today? It was pretty strong?
BERNARD TOMIC: It was. I think it was up in the 70s first serve percentage. I think I served my best the last few weeks. I knew I had to serve good to beat him.

Q. The advantage of beating a seeded player, of course, is you don't get one in the next round. Have you had a look forward in the draw yet?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, I have. I play Gabashvili or Andreev, which they're on court now. Hard to say. Never played both of them. Typically they're not grass courters, but they can play good tennis and pull up good matches.
So whoever wins that, I'm going to study them hard and try to play well in the next round.

Q. What does that studying involve? Do you get a DVD of it?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, that or YouTube. (Smiling.) That's a whole good thing about YouTube. Few letters and you get everything.

Q. It's nice to avoid a big name though, I suppose, though, isn't it? Nice to have that out of the way?
BERNARD TOMIC: It is. It is. When you draw a player like that in the first round, a lot of things go through your head.
But when you step on court, I guess you got to compete. If you win the first one, if you beat a seed, things open up for you, I think.

Q. You're still the youngest guy in the tournament. You've been around on tour for a while. Do you still feel like the young guy?
BERNARD TOMIC: I feel really old for some reason. Feels like I'm in my 30s. Maybe it's because I came and played juniors here for like four years in a row.
But, no, you know, I know I'm young. I've got a lot more to improve.

Q. I think you were quoted as saying your goal is top 80; is that right? Are you going to have to revise that depending on this tournament?
BERNARD TOMIC: Look, a lot of things can happen if I win a match or two more here. I haven't got hardly any points to defend this year, so I think that goal is reachable.
The big thing is injuries. I've just got to stay healthy. I've got a good shot at it, I think.

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