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June 21, 2011

Virginie Razzano


7-6, 2-6, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. We are going to see Wozniacki on the Court 1 now. Of course we don't know your next opponent, but could you tell us a little about if you're having Caroline in the next round what kind of opponent would that be for you?
VIRGINIE RAZZANO: I remember I played her, Wozniacki, if she play against me next round, I played against her in Eastbourne in finals. It was a fun match, because there was a point I remember she don't see the ball.
But it was history. I don't know if you remember match point.

Q. Match point, yes.
VIRGINIE RAZZANO: And she wasn't to go, Ah, and, No, sorry, you don't win. You must to play one more points because the ball was fault. And, yes, it was a good memory. I lost 7-5, 6-4 I think, or about that. It was a very good match.
I know she's a very good player. She's No. 1. Of course it's not easy match for me for the next round.

Q. This is the first match you've won since your fiancee passed away. You've played three. Did it seem easier on the court? How were you feeling?
VIRGINIE RAZZANO: No, it's not easy for me. Every day I have some up and down in my life. Today I feeling a little bit more emotion for the starting the first set. I lost 3-0 for starting, and I tried to focus only on my tennis, on my balls.
It was not easy. I have some delay starting for the first set. It was the same in Birmingham two weeks ago. I was lost 4-0 and I come back 4-All and I lost 6-4 against Rodionova.
And today it was the same problem, 3-Love, and I say, Okay, now you must to be aggressive. You are here for to play, for you, and for Stéphane, for your husband.
If you on the court, it's for to have a reaction and to play your tennis. It's not easy, but I say, Okay, no, you must be to be aggressive and to play your tennis.
I come back at 3-All, and it was better to win the first set. Good reaction on me.

Q. Do you think it's better for you that you have the distraction of playing tennis right now?
VIRGINIE RAZZANO: It's good to win today. I don't know (translated from French) if it's relief for me, because when I go on the courts it's not easy for me. I play because it's my job and my passion and I must to continue.
It was good to win today because I have a lot of emotion on me when I go on the court to start the match. I try to, you know, think only positive and what I must do to play good and win today.
And it's okay. (Smiling.) I do my best, and it was good because I win.

Q. If you're going to meet Caroline Wozniacki, you know what kind of game you will to have come up with to beat her?
VIRGINIE RAZZANO: It's my tactic. (Laughter.) But, no, I don't change my tennis for to play Wozniacki. I try to be aggressive every time when I play on clay court or with more intelligence, tactic, because you don't play the same on clay court than on grass.
No, I try to have enjoy on this match and to start with the aggressivity at the first game of the first set. I try to have evolution on me and to be ready, not late.
But at the starting of the match, for my evolution for the future is better. But I know I need time. It's not easy. But if I can have a better start, I prefer.

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