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June 21, 2011

Naomi Broady


6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Tell us what your feelings are after that.
NAOMI BROADY: I'm frustrated with my performance today. I didn't play how I know I can play and how I've been playing on the grass recently, as well.
The conditions, it was quite windy today. It was my first match at Wimbledon ever in the singles main draw. Yeah, I'm just gutted really.

Q. What did you think went wrong? You started well serving.
NAOMI BROADY: Yeah, I just made way too many errors today. Just didn't put my game on the court.

Q. I guess it's quite hard to prepare yourself for your first time at Wimbledon. Was the experience kind of what you thought it would be?
NAOMI BROADY: Yeah, I was quite emotional when I walked onto the court. It was like a really nice thing for me to be playing, just such a great experience for me. I was quite nervy, but not quite as bad as I thought I would be.
The first few games, I was right in there. I wasn't too nervy to play. But right throughout the match, never settled, especially with the wind I think, yeah.

Q. When you say you were emotional, because you had family there, or just because it's a dream thing?
NAOMI BROADY: Yeah, just something obviously growing up, to play at Wimbledon, it's just such a big thing. All my family was there in the crowd cheering. It was just a really nice experience to have. Yeah, I was just really grateful for it.

Q. Did the emotion thing work against you?
NAOMI BROADY: No. It went as soon as I put my bag down. I composed myself. Just walking onto the court, it was just like a really nice experience to be having, something I've always wanted to do, and now I've managed to accomplish. Next step will be to win (smiling).

Q. Now you want to come back again?
NAOMI BROADY: I knew I could if I put my game on the court. I had my chances when we played in Nottingham. I knew I could win the match if I could just play well enough.
But, yeah, it's given me even, for the game, more want to come back and win next year.

Q. You've been getting some good results and your ranking has come up gradually. Are you happy with how your career is developing outside of the LTA structure?
NAOMI BROADY: I never started when I was three years old like a lot of the girls did. I'm still a work in progress. My game is still coming together and I'm still developing myself and my game, still understanding how I'm going to play tennis and how I want to play my game.
So, yeah, I'm just going to concentrate on myself and keep working as hard as I can do, and it will come together when it's ready.

Q. Anne said you and her get on well off the court. Do you feel, because of your situation with the LTA, are you a bit of an outsider? With the other girls, is it almost like your status is the same?
NAOMI BROADY: They obviously see a lot more of each other if they're at Roehampton together and things. But it doesn't affect my friendship with any of the girls, no. If we see each other, we'll get on fine with each other.
All the girls, we've been around each other for a lot of years now, growing up since we were young at tournaments, seeing each other there. So we're all completely fine with each other.

Q. Do you feel a lot of pressure coming through as a youngster in a country that's struggled for so long for a tennis champion? Do you feel pressure as one of the juniors, younger players, coming through?
NAOMI BROADY: Uhm, not really. All I can do is concentrate on myself, just try and reach my own goals, train how I can train.
We have an awful lot of girls coming through now as well. We all just concentrate on ourselves rather than thinking, I'm going to be the one to break through. You just have to look at yourself and train as hard as you can, and it will come with that.

Q. I presume, given the lack of financial support that a lot of the other British players enjoy, this was quite a big deal for you financially?
NAOMI BROADY: Yeah, they full-fund me hopefully for the remainder of the year. But we're still looking for sponsorships, because we don't use the LTA money. So it is tough financially. So this will help a lot.
But I was more just grateful for the wild card from the All England Club, just because like it was a dream to play at Wimbledon, but still not happy with how I played.

Q. You don't use the LTA money. Can you explain that?
NAOMI BROADY: We haven't done for a long time. I don't really want to get into it. It's very political. I'm just concentrating on my tennis, leave the politics to other people. I'm just working as hard as I can and let my tennis speak for itself.

Q. Your sister came down from Manchester today. Was that a daughter with her?

Q. Couldn't get courtside?
NAOMI BROADY: Yes. Lola is two, so she's still quite vocal. I'm not sure if that was the reason why. She stood at the corner, so she was listening.
Yeah, because you never see Federer's kids out on the court, Clijsters'. I think that's just a rule for the club in general. If she keeps talking loudly or screaming or has a tantrum, because she's two, it wouldn't be very good for the players.
She was at Aorangi yesterday watching everybody practice. She kept saying, I want to go on the court. My racquet. My ball. If she was saying that on the side of the court, it wouldn't probably be very good.

Q. Will she be your water dispenser next year?
NAOMI BROADY: Yeah, maybe she'll be the next Wimbledon champion, as well, if she wants to get on court that badly.

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