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June 19, 2011

Russell Henley


Q. I want to get your take on how your day went today.
RUSSELL HENLEY: Not how I wanted, but I hit some good putts, just didn't get it done.

Q. Which one is more exciting, you finished higher at Pebble, but this one you actually got on the first page of the leaderboard on Saturday. Does that make this one more exciting or Pebble more exciting?
RUSSELL HENLEY: There are differences but they're both great. Pebble was so cool, like I feel like there were more fans, for some reason. That was more fun. But with the expectation and what I've already done this year it was a little harder. To me, I like a little harder golf -- this golf course was difficult, but I feel like it was a little bit easier and the weather was better than Pebble, so guys would go low out there. Times they're going to go low, they're going to go low. That almost takes away from my advantage.
Last year I think I probably played a little better, but this year might be a little more exciting, getting closer to the top.

Q. You're 22, same age as Rory. Talk about what he's doing at this age.
RUSSELL HENLEY: It doesn't surprise me. He's been playing good golf his whole life. I don't know how many years, he's won on Tour, he's won Dubai, he's won -- he's played on the Ryder Cup. He's experienced all of it. So honestly he's winning by a lot. It's out there. I know there are birdies out there for the taking and he's obviously taking advantage of it. It doesn't really surprise me that much. Some people it might, but me it doesn't.

Q. Any other pro starts other than the Nationwide events in Columbus?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Hopefully some in September, when I turn pro.

Q. Is there one thing you're going to look back on from the week? Say, six months from now, somebody will say what is the one thing you remember about The Open?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Coming down the 18th, the sides were just filled with people, and everybody stood up and clapped for me. It's something I'll remember for a long time. It was loud. Yeah, I hit some shots and had a decent tournament. But that was a beautiful moment.

Q. Was the 18th this year like last year?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Probably better last year. I think there are more people there this year, but it was loud. They were so nice to me. They were yelling loud and I wasn't even playing that well. I guess it just kind of shows you what can happen if you're not shut out. It was a good time there.

Q. Such an amphitheater out there, a pretty unique spot in golf now that it's been redone, 10. That's where everybody congregates?
RUSSELL HENLEY: What a great finishing hole. You've got so much room up there for people. It's quite a walk, but I couldn't think of a better place to finish on this golf course.

Q. Pick out a shot today that is worth telling about.
RUSSELL HENLEY: The 5-iron I hit on 10 to about two or three feet and made birdie. That was pretty cool. Probably my last shot from the rough. It looked like it almost went in. It probably wasn't that close. I hit that to within a few feet. And having everybody on both sides clap, that was probably my favorite.

Q. Did you and Adam talk about, after the struggle on those last few holes before 18 to just go down that last hole and have fun and get the crowd into it like you have?
RUSSELL HENLEY: No, not really. He says that a lot. It seemed like the right time. There was a lot of people. It seemed like the right time. We didn't discuss it too much, just kind of went with it.

Q. What did you do on the last hole?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I just told them to stand up and I just waved to them. I just tried to say thank you, it was so nice of them.

Q. They wanted a little love. They feel great when you give it to them.
RUSSELL HENLEY: That's what it seems like when I was going to Augusta and watching some guys, and it seemed like nobody looks over and says thank you. For somebody to do that it's like, wow, that's pretty cool.

Q. You've got two Opens already, you're kind of ahead of the learning curve, that's a good deal for you?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Yeah, it's good. Last year was a great finish. This one was great, too. We did a lot of work all summer and the rest of the year, Q-School. I've got a lot of work to do.

Q. Are you going to stay around and see how Patrick is doing?

Q. Low am?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I'm sure he'll probably get it. I did the best I could, that's all you can ask.

Q. Will you be at Erin Hills in August?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I will, can't wait. I've never been out there to play. I hope we'll have a good tournament up there.

Q. Do you think you'll get up there for a practice round or just go in early?
RUSSELL HENLEY: Probably go in a day or two early. Maybe that hurts me or helps, I don't know, but that's how I've always done it.

Q. Did you run out of gas at all?
RUSSELL HENLEY: I was tired. Because I started yawning. I thought why am I yawning? Wait a second. I'm tired. I've played a lot of golf. This week I'm probably going to do a lot of nothing, lay around, maybe go see some movies with my family, go eat some good dinners and just hang out. I've got to get away from it a little bit. I think mentally I'm a little stressed and worn out. I need to rest up for a bit.

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