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September 26, 2003

Peter Lawrie


Q. Pleased overall?

PETER LAWRIE: Yes, I struck the ball quite nicely. Still missed a few putts but I holed a few yesterday so I can't complain and I'm pretty well placed overall.

Q. You played a lot at Portmarnock in your university career so you will be used to links golf?

PETER LAWRIE: Yes, it makes you think on every shot, you are not simply standing up there and hitting it. Plus these couple of courses you tend to try and steer the ball away from the trouble. You can hit it anywhere but ... there are a lot of holes there it is just ocean on the right and Kingsbarns on your left so you try and ensure that you hit it into Kingsbarns!

Q. Where have these couple of days come from given the past few tournaments?

PETER LAWRIE: I just haven't got off to a good start in any of the tournaments I have played previously to this, I am just sort of struggling behind the eight ball all the time. I am just a bit more relaxed here. I went back to see Aidan Moran at UCD and worked on a few things and also went back and saw Brendan last week so these two things are paying off.

Q. What was it Brendan McDaid was saying to you?

PETER LAWRIE: It was just sort of my alignment and moving ahead of the ball a little bit.

Q. Was that what not affected you earlier in the year?

PETER LAWRIE: Yes, it was a little bit, same sort of thing, just a fault that is always there and I just have to try and play with it.

Q. Is picking yourself up mentally a strength which has characterised this season?

PETER LAWRIE: Well, I was a right ratty bugger on Wednesday evening because I was a little nervous about this tournament but Marie is a lovely lady and she helps relax me on the golf course. She plays well too, she's a very good player.

Q. Does it take your mind off your own game at times?

PETER LAWRIE: It does a bit, yes. When things are going well though it is a whole lot easier. If things were going badly you'd be more trying to concentrate on your own game. It is like a switch on, switch off basis, it is easier to do that out here because you are playing with amateurs and you have to switch off, have a chat and try and tell them what to do.

Q. Have you played Carnoustie yet?

PETER LAWRIE: I played with Padraig on Tuesday there. Thought it was nice, a good golf course. Hopefully the wind will die down a little bit but the scoring was good there the other day though. We'd take the wind they had the other day.

Q. Are you thinking about the Rookie of the Year title?

PETER LAWRIE: I'm not really thinking about it, it would be a lovely bonus at the end of the season though. But I don't want to get ahead of myself and start thinking about things.

Q. But the Volvo Masters is one thing you are thinking about?

PETER LAWRIE: Oh, very much so. I'm 52nd in the Order of Merit at the moment so I really want to play in that.

End of FastScripts.

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