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June 19, 2011

Robert Rock


Q. With all your travails, I think your score is all the more remarkable. Talk about your performance here when all is said and done here.
ROBERT ROCK: Well, yesterday was disappointing, but I played very nicely today, 3-under and maybe could have been a couple better today, but 3-under is a good score on that course. I hit a lot of good shots. It was a pleasure playing with Lucas today. That made it easier. I'm reasonably happy overall. I'm only going to finish 30th, which is not what you want when you enter a tournament, and I had better hopes after overcoming the hardest part, which was the first round. I'm disappointed because I thought I'd play better golf, but not knowing enough about the place just cost me.

Q. It still seems remarkable because it's almost like somebody called you up and said let's play Congressional, and you hadn't seen the course before and you still turned in a decent number.
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, I think Rory is showing what can be done around here. I'm not saying I played anywhere near that good, but I played some decent golf. If I would have learned a bit more about it, I would have maybe gone a bit more under. But today was pretty good. The other three rounds, I could have gone a little lower.

Q. Life, I would hope, will slow down for you a little bit down, you can relax a little?
ROBERT ROCK: It's going to slow down right now, I think. My caddie and I are going to have a beer now and chill out before our flight tonight. I've got a week off to do very little. There won't be much practice done, I don't think. I'll take it easy for at least a few days and then start up again because I've got a big tournament coming up the week after.

Q. Where is that?
ROBERT ROCK: That's in Paris. I hope I go there playing like I am right now. That will be a great tournament for contending, so I can't ease off too much because I want to keep the game the way it is.

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