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June 18, 2011

Jordan Etier

Augie Garrido

Taylor Jungmann

Brandon Loy


Florida – 8
Texas - 4

THE MODERATOR: Coach, can you give us an overview?
COACH GARRIDO: Well, I think that we all saw the same game, so there aren't any secrets about it.
The truth of the matter is we played a below-average game against a very good team, and they had the ability to capitalize on it and penalize us severely for the mistakes or the gifts or the poor decisions or -- we gave them extra base runners. We gave them free bases. We gave them extra outs within the framework of the inning and they're too good to do that.
So below-average game for us against a very good team.

Q. Taylor, just basically what went wrong tonight?
TAYLOR JUNGMANN: I think probably in the third inning got out of rhythm. Once we got out of rhythm, made some bad pitches. I felt like I set them up to have some opportunities to score runs.
I walked more guys than I usually do. And, I mean, they took advantage of it. And that was about it.

Q. Did you feel you never had decent command?
TAYLOR JUNGMANN: I felt for the first three innings I had decent command; but after that, I fell out of rhythm.

Q. Brandon, you go up to 3-0 with Taylor pitching. Did you just assume that things are in pretty good shape for you?
BRANDON LOY: Yeah. Anytime we get out to an early lead, it's big for us. You can't ever assume anything in baseball. It's a tough game. And we weren't thinking at the time we already had the game won and things happen and you see what the game of baseball can do to you when things go bad.
And so we weren't assuming that we had the game won when we were up three runs, obviously. It's a good opportunity for us, but things didn't go our way after that.

Q. Augie, your team's been pretty good lately in elimination games. So what do you tell them for Monday?
COACH GARRIDO: That we've been pretty good in elimination games. (Laughter) And here we are again.
The players are very realistic, and I'm proud of them for that. We all know we played a below-average game, and they capitalized on it. But doesn't mean we have to lose our spirit or our confidence in each other and it doesn't have to mean we give up.
We've been here before. We know we can win. This championship's been won out of the loser's bracket before. So we know it can be done.
So we have that hope and that to look forward to. We have an opportunity. So we're in it. And we'll have to fight our way back.

Q. Brandon and Jordan, could you talk about what you guys have learned by going through that route that you have to get here, those tough elimination games?
BRANDON LOY: I think the main thing we learned is what this team is about and how much fight we have and the will to win. It's tough, obviously, to fight from behind all the time, and we don't want to be put in those positions all the time. But we're in it and we have to find a way to make the best of it. And we've done that the past couple of weeks and it's prepared us for what we're about to go through this week.
So we have an opportunity in front of us, and we're not going to back down from it; it's going to be tough, but we'll find a way to hopefully get it done.
JORDAN ETIER: I feel like we just need to stay together as a team. And as Brandon said before, with our backs against the wall, we have a really good killer instinct and we're real competitive. We need to just stay together as a team and pick each other up and good things will happen.

Q. Taylor, so dominant and consistent really the whole season long, and then to lose three straight starts here. Is there anything different either physically or mechanically down the stretch here?
TAYLOR JUNGMANN: I wouldn't say physically. I think mechanically some things have been going wrong lately. We've worked on it in the bullpen. It's fine in the bullpen. Just didn't bring it to the field today.
I mean, you fall behind in counts like I did today and a good team is going to take advantage of it. They're a good team, and they obviously took advantage of it.

Q. Augie, is there anything Hudson Randall is doing effectively to keep you off balance here, retired 13 in a row?
COACH GARRIDO: Once he got the lead back, then he was -- he settled down and became more competitive. And he found his rhythm. We took him out of rhythm in that one inning, capitalized on all the opportunities we had. Our players did a good job of two-strike hitting and bat control to drive in runs with productive outs.
It was a good inning. We had him off balance a bit in that inning. But his team rallied right back, which good teams do, got him two within one. He had a good inning the next inning against us and they got him two more to put him ahead and it reestablished his confidence, and he took off from there. He really gained momentum and confidence and took charge of the game.

Q. Brandon or Jordan, if you guys could talk a little bit about Randall what he did well, what he did to stay in that rhythm to get through almost seven innings against you?
JORDAN ETIER: I believe, like Coach said, they fought back and they got a little momentum on their side, and he was able to build off of that. We got on them early and then we kind of backed down off of them; but if we would have stayed with that I think we still could be on the other side of this ballgame right now.
BRANDON LOY: I mean, he's been good all year. Throws a lot of strikes. And we got to him early and found a way to get the lead back; and when you get some confidence on that mound, you tend to be a lot better.
And he can throw three pitches for strikes and he did it tonight, and it's tough on hitters, but we hit some balls hard all night. And it just didn't go our way.

Q. Brandon, can you talk about the balk play; I don't know if it caught you guys off guard or what happened?
BRANDON LOY: Right before it, I thought about going out there telling Andrew that. So as soon as the balk call happened, I kind of put my head down a little bit. And they went ahead and swung away. Tant looked at me to throw the ball and I obviously went at the bag, because I was mad at myself for not going out there. That was a mental error on my part, and it won't happen again, but it was a mental error on my part.

Q. Augie, are you concerned about the design of the outfield fence after the ruling of the ball that appeared to be a home run that ended up being a double?
COACH GARRIDO: No. I'm not really concerned about the design of the outfield defense, I'm really concerned about the next game.
I don't know why they do that. They do that in a lot of parks where they put those fences too close, and then they hit off the top and hit the back and don't go out, and it creates confusion. Probably shouldn't be too hard to move it back. I don't know. We're still trying to bunt. (Laughter).

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