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May 26, 2005

Peter Lawrie


SCOTT CROCKETT: Peter, many congratulations, the early bird catches the worm as they say. You must be delighted with that start.

PETER LAWRIE: Yeah, I was. I played lovely, when I saw the draw, 7:00, I had to say to myself, you know, it was a great draw to be off. First, greens were in perfect condition at 7:00 this morning. So you really just got to take advantage of it, and that's what I did today.

SCOTT CROCKETT: And off literally to a perfect start with a birdie at the first. What happened there?

PETER LAWRIE: I hit a 3 wood off the tee just to keep myself up on the flat, and I hit it pin high left straight up the hill and just rolled it in.

SCOTT CROCKETT: Next birdie at 4, the par 5.

PETER LAWRIE: I hit a 5 iron to five feet and missed.

SCOTT CROCKETT: Roller coaster period, bogey at 7. What happened there?

PETER LAWRIE: I hit an 8 iron just left of the flag, caught the very top of the slope, and came all the way back to the front of the green and 3 putted.

SCOTT CROCKETT: More than made up for it at the next one.

PETER LAWRIE: 3 iron down the fairway and I had 124, and Dermot said it's a perfect iron, sand wedge straight at it. So I hit sand wedge straight at it and went in the hole so that was good.

Then I pulled the tee shot on nine just up the left hand side with a bad lie. Just try to hack it up the fairway and hit it up just short of the green and pitched to about six feet and missed.

11, I was stupid on 11, I hit it just off the fairway in the right hand side about 130 to the flag. I was just trying to get too cute with the flag, trying to hit wedge straight out and I plugged in the face of the bunker. So I hacked it out about 30 feet and 2 putt.

SCOTT CROCKETT: Then three in a row.

PETER LAWRIE: 13, I hit an 8 iron in there just off the edge of the green to maybe six feet and knocked it in.

Then I hit 6 iron just over the back, I actually got a good lie for the pitch, hit a lovely pitch, just rolled in the hole.

Then 15, I hit 3 wood, pitching wedge, it was playing downbreeze to about 20 feet and knocked it in.

The last, I hit a lovely second shot into the last, just caught the bunker. Hit a good bunker shot out pin high left, which left me an uphill putt and holed it from about four feet.

Q. You holed from off the green three times there?


Q. What were the distances of those shots?

PETER LAWRIE: The ones I holed, well I holed a sand wedge from 124 yards. And the other ones were literally a foot off the green and about three feet off the green.

Q. What time were you up at this morning?

PETER LAWRIE: I got up at 5:00. My car was waiting for me at quarter past 5:00, I was there on time, I was here about half 5:00.

Q. The world is full of early people and late people. Are you always an early person or have you always been?

PETER LAWRIE: I don't mind the early starts, I must admit. You get used to them, playing in Asia, you know what I mean; playing the China tournaments, everybody was up at half 4:00 and 5:00. You just get used to it.

Q. Have you always been that way?

PETER LAWRIE: Yeah, I'm better off an early start rather than too late. I hate hanging about all day to go out and play golf.

Q. An awful lot of big names are here this week, but a lot of lesser names have won this tournament the last four years. Does that give you sort of inspiration, I don't want to talk about winning, but nevertheless

PETER LAWRIE: I hope they are not in the room to hear what you said, the lesser names. (Laughter). I think the guys are very good players. It's a tournament where the way the greens are you know, I know everybody says they bobble a little bit. So sometimes it's your week and sometimes it's not. I know if you're an aggressive putter around these greens, you're going to hole a few putts.

Q. Season so far, Peter; can you sum it up?

PETER LAWRIE: It's been okay, up and down. To be honest with you, I played quite well, but I just haven't got the results.

Q. Is this the sort of start you've been looking for for a while, like a good, low, first round?

PETER LAWRIE: Nice, low opening round, yeah. Try to consolidate that tomorrow with another good one and go on from there.

Q. Do you like difficult golf courses where you have to plot your way around, and did you hit many drivers out there today?

PETER LAWRIE: Very few. My first driver was on the that's a good question, on the.

Q. The second?

PETER LAWRIE: Wrong, third. Second is a par 3. (Laughter). You might have hit driver on the second.

Q. I wasn't even there, but I knew you would take a driver. (Laughter).

PETER LAWRIE: And the ninth, and I hit it off the par 5, the 12th, three times.

Q. Not on 17?

PETER LAWRIE: No. I hit 3 iron off the tee on 17, playing straight downbreeze. Hence, I pulled it into the trees nearly in the left hand side, but I hit 3 iron.

Q. Without actually looking at your card for the season, how close are you to achieving; are you about where you'd like to be?

PETER LAWRIE: I'd like to be sitting here talking to you on Sunday evening. If I'm doing that if not this Sunday evening, if it doesn't come this Sunday evening, some Sunday evening, when I'm the last person into the press center. That's my goal for the year.

Q. Has it dawned on you how much money you are playing for this week or is it just

PETER LAWRIE: It doesn't really. You try not to. I know the money does matter, but money shouldn't matter. But it does. (Laughter).

Q. What team do you follow, Peter, and did you stay up and watch the match with such an early start? Did you go to bed at half time?

PETER LAWRIE: No, Philippa flew in so I was meeting Phillipa from the airport. I missed the match, which was disappointing.

Q. What team do you follow?

PETER LAWRIE: You know, I wouldn't be a great supporter of any one team.

Q. Do you like Wentworth as a course? Even though you shot 67 today, is it still a tough course?

PETER LAWRIE: Yeah, it is. You've got to hit it in the right places all the time.

Q. How much confidence did you take from your finish at the Spanish, the last two holes?

PETER LAWRIE: It was a good finish, and you know, it made me think, well, if I keep on getting myself into that position, I will come through eventually.

Q. How much of a better player are you now compared to when you were won Rookie of the Year a couple of years ago?

PETER LAWRIE: I think I was wet behind the ears then, and I think now I'm a little bit more seasoned. I've learned a lot the last couple of years out here, the last two years.

I know it was a great honour to win Rookie of the Year, and don't get me wrong in any shape or form, but that year I was quite lucky to win Rookie of the Year. My best finish was getting beaten in a playoff. If I have to look at it honestly, I missed an awful lot of cuts that year. My game is far more consistent now than it was then.

SCOTT CROCKETT: Peter, well done.

End of FastScripts.

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