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June 17, 2011

Marcel Siem


Q. What was the difference between yesterday and today?
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah, yesterday I had a little bit of a weird start. I hit a spectator and started with a double bogey and a three-putt afterwards and lost my confidence a little bit, and I have to say it's my first U.S. Open, so you have to build up confidence a little bit to play well here. It's pretty frightening for me.
I played in Boston twice at the Deutsche Bank, so I know the crowds a little bit, but this year is unbelievable. They're really nice, the people, and they cheer you up so you want to play really, really well, and just went the other way yesterday.
Yeah, today, all of a sudden, I found my rhythm on the greens, and that helps, and my long game was really, really good, as well. I hit them really close, and I think that's the key here. The greens are so slopey and if you have all day long five, six, seven meter putts for birdie, it's tough to hole them. I hit them really close three or four times. The pitch-in helps, and yeah, I'm really, really happy, really proud of myself.

Q. Where was the pitch-in?
MARCEL SIEM: That was on 15. I had a bad lie on the left and pulled it left off the green and was like 30-meter pitch, and it was really nice.

Q. (Inaudible.)
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah, next week is BMW Open in Munich, home tournament, and I thought if you miss the cut, then at least catch the flight tonight at 10:00 and be ready for next week. But I said in Marriott I might come back, please keep my room, it's a nice balcony room. They said, yeah, we'll wait for you. Hopefully you'll come back. I will be back tonight.

Q. Did you feel like you had to go out and try to do something to make the cut?
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah. I saw the scores this morning and I thought it was going to be 5- or 6-over after yesterday, but the scoring was so good this morning, I thought 4-under at least I have to shoot. And on 18, I wasn't sure if it was 3- or 4-over, and my caddie said, just hole it, don't leave it short or something, because if you miss by one that's horrible. I said, all right, that's a good one, I have to go for it.

Q. When did the rain delay hit for you and how did that affect your round?
MARCEL SIEM: I didn't like it, I have to say. I was really, really on a roll and in the flow. It was only 20 minutes, though, it was not that bad. But all of a sudden, I started hitting left, lost my feeling on the tee boxes a little bit. It was on 12.
After the delay I holed a nice putt for birdie, but then on the next hole, on 13, I hit it left in the bunker already, then made a great bunker shot, hit the pin, spun back and then lipped out for par.
14 was a good tee shot, but after that I didn't make any good tee shots anymore, just made really good up-and-downs.

Q. You said you watched this morning. Seeing what Rory was able to do, did that give you the sense that that kind of a score was out there?
MARCEL SIEM: Yeah. I mean, Rory went for everything. He has a nice high ball flight and his putting was really good. I played really aggressive off the tee. When you hit it quite long, it's an advantage here because -- I think 9 is just the last club you can hit out of the rough. 8, 7, 6-iron you have to chance to get to the green. I changed my course management a little bit today.
Yesterday, I hit a lot of 3-woods and today I played a bit more aggressive, and it worked out.

Q. What does it mean to you to come into your first U.S. Open and to make the cut on the weekend, especially considering the obstacles that you faced today?
MARCEL SIEM: That means a lot to me. Everybody was always talking about U.S. Open, and I just watched it on tele, and it was always a dream for me. I'm ten years on Tour now, and my first major was last year, the Open Championship. So I've played a U.S. Open now, making the cut, so 100 percent cuts, I think, for the majors is -- I'm really, really happy. I'm just a little bit in a tunnel, I think, after the round. So when I go back to the hotel and call my girlfriend and my parents, I think I'm going to be really, really happy.

Q. Did you make a little change to your putting stroke today?
MARCEL SIEM: I did, yeah. I had a little misunderstanding with my coach on Tuesday because I'm more of a feeling putter and I always had the ball on my left heel. So he wanted me to have my eyes over the ball, so I went a little bit further left, so the ball position was in the middle and I lost completely the feeling. But he didn't mean it, he just said I have to go over the ball and not my eyes on the left. So I changed that, I spoke to him yesterday, and luckily it went up. I didn't hit one good putt yesterday. Honestly I had five three-putts yesterday. There was no chance if I would have putted like that today to shoot that round.

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