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July 23, 2005

Peter Lawrie


RODDY WILLIAMS: Peter, 7 under par 65, takes you right up there going into the final day. Tell us about your day, please.

PETER LAWRIE: At the start hit a lovely shot into the first and from there on in, I played pretty well. Didn't really do anything wrong, apart from hit a bad tee shot onto, sort of like Stewart put me off as she walked across the tee and I got a bit annoyed, but it was just off putting and I blocked my tee shot right into a bad lie and made bogey. That was the only blemish on the card all day.

RODDY WILLIAMS: What were the conditions? The wind seems to have dropped the last couple of hours.

PETER LAWRIE: The wind was still there, but to be honest with you, the way the greens putt off, you can go there and attack the flags, no matter what the wind is like; you can hold it up there and hit in with the breeze. The surface has been pretty good and they are soft. You're going to score low if you're on your game.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Feel you're in with a shot tomorrow?

PETER LAWRIE: Yeah, I don't know whether we're going to play 36 holes tomorrow or not, but hopefully we do.

Q. When did Stewart walk across, at the top of your swing or just before you teed off?

PETER LAWRIE: I stood up to tee it up and I heard this rustle in the tent beside me and I sort of stepped back, and she comes out of the tent and walks right in front of the ball and walks right around to the back of the tee and I go, like, what are you doing? I had the ball teed up and I was about to go. She walked right in front of me.

Q. And all the while she was holding a sign?

PETER LAWRIE: Yeah, correct, seriously.

Q. Did she realize she had done something wrong, disrupted your rhythm a little bit?

PETER LAWRIE: I probably made her aware of it after I hit my tee shot right.

Q. Is your German good enough to do that, or was it a few Anglo Saxon words?

PETER LAWRIE: Possibly if she could lip read, she would have understood exactly what I was going to say.

Q. You had some good news to the TV viewers and you explained why your season has been so hectic this year. Can you expand on that?

PETER LAWRIE: Well, as everybody knows that my wife has been out, we're expecting our first child at the end or the middle of September. So I made the sort of decision at the start of the year to play as much golf as possible until that happened, and then when the baby arrives to take a good bit of time off; well, as much as we both need. I'll probably leave after a week, but you never know. (Laughter).

Q. Do you know if it's a boy or a girl you're expecting, or do you not want to know?

PETER LAWRIE: I don't want to know. As long as it's healthy, I don't mind.

Q. You say it's due end of September?

PETER LAWRIE: End of September.

Q. How did you come out of the British Open, your first major championship, was that sort of an eye opener for you in a sense? Is this a good lift for you, and do you think your game has been leading towards this sort of round today?

PETER LAWRIE: Yeah, it's been coming for a while. I suppose I always say that, but I've been working hard on my swing, and, you know, trying to get things organized there. At the British Open, I thought I played okay, but I putted very poorly. I don't think I broke 32 putts in the two rounds that I played.

Today and yesterday, you know, I putted a little bit better. I've been working on that quite hard, as well.

Q. Has your hectic schedule had any effect on the standard you've been playing? Have you found yourself feeling tired, trying to play so much?

PETER LAWRIE: Possibly made one or two mistakes on my schedule all right. After I had to pull out of the European Open when I got my wisdom tooth out and then got an infection in it, after going to the J.P. McManus Pro Am, I should have pulled out of Loch Lomond. I wasn't fit enough to play, and that was sort of tiring then going into the British Open.

Q. You said you hit a great shot into the first; what did you hit, how far, and how close?

PETER LAWRIE: I had about 188 I think, and I hit 5 iron into about four feet.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Let's rattle through the rest of your birdies.

PETER LAWRIE: On 2. I hit a 3 iron on to the par 5, 2 putted.

And I hit a 5 iron on the fifth hole, the par 3, to about six feet.

On the ninth, I hit 9 iron to about 20 feet and knocked it in.

The 12th hole, I hit a 6 iron into about six feet.

The par 3, I hit 3 iron into about 20 feet, 25 feet actually. That was the longest putt all day.

Par 5 15, just right of the green in two and chipped it up to about ten feet, knocked in.

Then I birdied 17, I hit sand wedge in to about two feet.

On the last, I pulled my tee shot and I just got over the bunker into a really bad lie, and I just laid it up to 77 yards and hit it to about six feet, rolled it in.

Q. Have you got the scent of victory in your nostrils?

PETER LAWRIE: It's never been there, so I don't know the smell.

Q. You had a chance in Spain.

PETER LAWRIE: No, I never thought I was going to win. Just propelled me to a position to win. Still two rounds to go. They don't paid you on Friday well, today is Saturday. But it really is after the second round; they don't pay Fridays, do they?

Q. Would you prefer to play 36 tomorrow or would you prefer just one round?

PETER LAWRIE: I would prefer to play 36 holes tomorrow.

Q. Why, do you think that just suits you?

PETER LAWRIE: Over four rounds, you have you know what I mean. Three rounds is a bit of a sprint, even though I put myself into a position. But I would not mind playing 36 holes. I feel fit enough to play it.

RODDY WILLIAMS: Good luck tomorrow.

End of FastScripts.

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