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June 16, 2011

Christopher Deforest


CHRISTOPHER DEFOREST: I can't say I'm not upset about 18. But I had a fantastic day. Honestly, I wanted to start crying about three times today I had so many people out there supporting me. I had a great day. Bad taste in my mouth on 18. I did it twice, actually, doubled 11 and 18. Besides that, it was about as good as I've got around the golf course in a long time and I played great.

Q. Did it also seem like one of the longest days?
CHRISTOPHER DEFOREST: Yeah, I don't really know. It was a long day for sure, but I enjoyed every minute of it. My family and friends stuck with me all the time. And they were cheering pretty loud because we heard them.

Q. I hear you hit it exceptionally well?
CHRISTOPHER DEFOREST: I hit it long. It's hard to tell when you're in the rough. I hit my driver in the rough a lot today. I think I'm just a little antsy off the tee. This was my first Open and first professional event.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow because I'm swinging it well and putting great. The golf course is amazing.

Q. What was the highlight of your round?
CHRISTOPHER DEFOREST: I would say I birdied 10, I hit it shy. And as it was in the air, I heard some guy say that's in the drink. And it actually was close. But I hit a good shot. It kind of spun up there. But then I made the putt and it was like yeah, ha, ha.
Then I birdied 16 and 17 and everyone was going nuts. So between those two it was kind of a tie.

Q. (Inaudible.)
CHRISTOPHER DEFOREST: It landed in the end of the fringe. So if it was two yards shorter, it would have gone in the water.

Q. What happened on those doubles?
CHRISTOPHER DEFOREST: 11, just a loose tee shot. It wasn't even that bad, it just got caught into the left-to-right wind, bounced in, in the water again, made a great up and down.
And then 18, I hit it left, tried to punch it around. I tried, it was a pretty easy shot. I just hit a bad shot and it was in the water. Both of those times I could have made sevens very easy. I'm happy with how it bounced back after hitting poor iron shots.

Q. You have no irons out there today?
CHRISTOPHER DEFOREST: My golf bag has a big black "I" on it. I'm at the mercy of what RX sent me this week.

Q. How many people did you have cheering for you?
CHRISTOPHER DEFOREST: I would say family and friends, like 25 people. But you would think there was 100.

Q. What about tomorrow? You fought the tears. You come back and play again, what do you do differently?
CHRISTOPHER DEFOREST: I would do the same thing. I had a great day. My dad is caddying for me, I'm just enjoying myself. I had opportunities to get frustrated and I refused to let anything bother me. You have to let it just roll off your back, especially at an Open. Obviously I don't have any experience at an Open, but I've had a lot of nice people that have tried to help me come up with a grand plan and how to play and how to handle the emotions.
I need to be able to hit shots a little quicker tomorrow. I'm just excited for the challenge and the opportunity to play against these guys.

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