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June 16, 2011

Robert Rock


Q. Great playing.
ROBERT ROCK: Thank you.

Q. How do you explain it?
ROBERT ROCK: I don't know, really. I'm playing okay at the moment. Gary did a good job, guided me around, got a couple of mistakes, just from me not being comfortable, seeing where to go. I couldn't really picture the holes until we walked a hundred yards down the fairway and I could see what was going on. I hit the ball pretty nicely. It helped that it was a bit softer, I think. I could play similar golf to last week, and hit some decent iron shots. It was all right.

Q. I take it this is the first time you've seen the course?
ROBERT ROCK: Other than on TV, yeah.

Q. When did you actually know you were coming?
ROBERT ROCK: For definite when I got my passport back yesterday, Wednesday at 4 o'clock.

Q. Take us through that whole story, because there's a few versions out there, the time line in particular.
ROBERT ROCK: I was just waiting Tuesday and Wednesday for it to return to me, really, and it was 4 o'clock yesterday.

Q. Was there confusion?
ROBERT ROCK: There was no confusion, it was a matter of waiting for it is all.

Q. Did you have to get lawyers involved?
ROBERT ROCK: No. I had somebody help me. The Embassy rushed it, so it was fine.

Q. Robert, what time was the flight from the UK?

Q. And you flew into which airport?

Q. JFK or Newark?

Q. How did you get down here?
ROBERT ROCK: In a cab type thing.

Q. Prearranged?
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Brittany from the players department, she organized it for me.

Q. (Inaudible.)
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, it wasn't cheap.

Q. What time did you actually arrive here?

Q. How much sleep did you get?
ROBERT ROCK: Not a lot. I could do with some more, if you don't mind.

Q. We heard that there was a problem because of the drinking driving thing as a teenager, is that why there was the hiccup? Because you've known you were coming for two weeks.
ROBERT ROCK: No, that's just what you have to do. It takes time to get a visa done. I had an interview Monday of Italy, it takes it time to sort it all out.

Q. Had you never been here before?
ROBERT ROCK: No. I came here when I was 17, 18.

Q. What did you do?
ROBERT ROCK: I went to Georgia State, just for nine months.

Q. So it was -- we've been reading that there was a drink drive incident as a teenager?
ROBERT ROCK: Yes, there was. That meant I had to get a visa. It wasn't a problem, that's just what you have to do if that's on your history.

Q. Were you not aware of that?
ROBERT ROCK: No, I was, but I didn't know I was coming until I qualified two weeks ago.

Q. Then because you qualified --
ROBERT ROCK: Then I've got to start doing the process, which I didn't realize was going to take as long.

Q. We heard it was 15,000 pounds?

Q. Getting the visa?
ROBERT ROCK: It was nowhere near that much.

Q. Was it speeded up so you could come here?
ROBERT ROCK: No, they were really, really sympathetic. I told them that the time frame on the Monday interview and they said it will be difficult, but we'll try our best to do it and they got it done for us, so it was brilliant.

Q. Were you at all --
ROBERT ROCK: No, I just napped.

Q. Did you see Richard Ramsey?
ROBERT ROCK: Yeah, I saw him just before I teed off and apologized for wasting his time, really. I tried to keep him in the picture because I really didn't think I was going to make it in time. So I figured he ought to have decent preparation. He was fine. I hadn't seen him since last week. So he was complimentary on last week, as well.

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