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February 3, 2006

Peter Lawrie


Q. Why are you not feeling too well?

PETER LAWRIE: Little bit weak but not too bad. Didn't eat much but slept okay. Just got a bit of food poisoning. I was in a bad way yesterday, just a bit weak today. I feel okay now.

Q: Still throwing up?

No, not at all. I'm lucky it was coming the other way - the Australian way. Feel okay now.

I just need to be a little bit stronger. You know, just take it easy this afternoon. But I am swinging it well and starting to putt a bit better.

Q. What food item did it; do you know?

PETER LAWRIE: Don't know.

Q. Were you feeling the pace on 17th tee? You looked tired.

PETER LAWRIE: I have been for last two days, just no energy. I was holding on tight. I was exerting energy in other places.

I'm pleased I'm finished. I hit two lovely shots on the last. I'm very happy with the 66 today.

Q. What did you hit on the last?

PETER LAWRIE: 3 iron, 18 feet. I had 235.

Q. Have you played well here in the past?

PETER LAWRIE: I did well one year. I finished 12th one year I think.

Q. Good start?

PETER LAWRIE: Pitched in on the first. Pin high left 15 feet off. Birdied 7 and 8, hit a good 8 iron into 7, holed it from about six feet. Birdied 8 from about 15 feet.

Q. Pleased to see your name up there going into the weekend?

PETER LAWRIE: With somebody on top. Yeah, definitely going to try to catch him.

Q. A lot of players around there.

PETER LAWRIE: It's too early to look at the leaderboard really. It's only Friday.

Q. Would be nice to play with him, though.


Q. What has been the game plan the first two days?

PETER LAWRIE: Last two days, hit it in front of me and hopefully get to the ball.

Q. The back nine, nearly holed in one?

PETER LAWRIE: Yeah, I hit it stone dead on 11.

Q. Which club?


Q. And a new mobile phone?

PETER LAWRIE: I played with the Motorola team in the Pro-Am and they generously gave myself and my caddie the new Motorola phone. I'm all phoned up.

Q. Will you go to the range this afternoon?

Just go and do some distance control.

Q. Any medical advice?

Just take Imodium and drink lots.

End of FastScripts.

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