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June 16, 2011

Kyung-Tae Kim


Q. Congratulations, it was a very nice round of golf.
KYUNG-TAE KIM: Thank you.

Q. Do you feel good about the way you played today?
KYUNG-TAE KIM: This is the first time playing in a U.S. Open. I felt like it was going to be a difficult course, so I tried not to rush or not hitting hard. I tried to slow down. That's why I made lots of putts today. That's why I can make a good score today.

Q. You played in the Masters this year, correct? Yes. And you made the cut. It was a very good result for someone who -- I think that was your first Major Championship, the Masters, is that correct?

Q. You're getting off to a very good start in your Major Championship career. How does that make you feel?
KYUNG-TAE KIM: After I made the cut at the Masters, I had more confidence to play golf. And after that I played really well in Korea and even in the Japan Tour. So I got more confidence coming up. This is my final destination -- PGA TOUR will be. So I have more like a good feeling that I can make it later on.

Q. The U.S. Open has a reputation for being the toughest test of golf. Talk about your expectations for what this tournament was going to present and then also how you found that test out there today. In other words, what were your expectations and how did you find things out there today?
KYUNG-TAE KIM: When I was young, I watched the U.S. Open a lot of times. The U.S. Open is really a tough course, the long rough. The course setting is really difficult, I know that. After the first round, I had more chance, I got more confidence I can make it through. And I was worried about how to make the course, but after the first round I felt better and comfortable.

Q. Going into tomorrow talk about your position, where you are at 2-under par and the confidence that you get from that. How do you feel going into your second round?
KYUNG-TAE KIM: Actually before I started today, my goal was between even par and 3-over. So I made 2-under today, I might feel like the same thing, I can make even par tomorrow. I might get like better scores the way I played today.

Q. The last several major champions have been sort of surprises. Like when Y.E. won in 2009, a lot of people didn't realize -- when Y.E. won in 2009 a lot of people didn't know who Y.E. Yang was, Charl Schwartzel, and Louis who won it last week, last year at the British Open, they were not well-known golfers. It seems there's a lot of young golfers around the world who are playing so well now. How do you feel about playing with the world's best in major championships?
KYUNG-TAE KIM: After Y.E. Yang won the PGA Championship, I felt like I can do it later on. And Ishikawa, he's playing in the Japan Tour, well, I am playing with those guys in Japan and Korea, and my skills are getting better and better, I feel why can I not do it on the PGA TOUR in a Major championship.

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