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June 16, 2011

Louis Oosthuizen


Q. Can you talk about the course's level of difficulty today, how you expect it to play over the next couple of difficulties?
LOUIS OOSTHUIEZEN: I think everyone expected it to be a bit more quicker, the greens. But they're good. They're running really nice, and still getting a lot of good putts out there. The rough has got a bit thicker. But the course, there are birdies out there, but if you hit one or two wrong, you can so easily make a bogey.

Q. How happy are you about the round?
LOUIS OOSTHUIEZEN: I'm very happy. I played well during the week, practiced hard last week, and saw my coach a few times and I feel confident with the game. It's just a matter of going out and get the job done. Didn't have a good start, but I had a good come back after that.

Q. This course, is there something about it that suits your eye, considering what you've grown up playing?
LOUIS OOSTHUIEZEN: I like -- it's a lot of -- I like that I can hit drivers a lot of places. And that just -- that's one of my favorite clubs. And I just enjoy that, hitting it off the tee. It's a long golf course and you want to try and get it as far down there as you can. And I just feel I make better swings with a driver off the tee than anything else.

Q. How much can you draw upon your past experience with you're out here?
LOUIS OOSTHUIEZEN: It's still very early. But I think it's just important to try and just, you know, play shot for shot and get yourself in some kind of position to try and have a chance of winning the event. And I think that's what everyone is trying.

Q. Padraig said this is playing about as easy as the course would play with a USGA setup?
LOUIS OOSTHUIEZEN: The wind is making it trickier, the last few. But it's only my second U.S. Open, so I can't really say. But what I've seen on television, I think it's probably playing as one of the easiest today.

Q. Was it different for you out there as opposed to the last one you played in terms of the crowds coming out. Do you think the American crowds getting to know you?
LOUIS OOSTHUIEZEN: I don't think they're going to get my surname right. I like being out here, I enjoy it. And I'm just trying to get the game sharp so I can be on the leaderboard more.

Q. Was there an advantage going out earlier today?
LOUIS OOSTHUIEZEN: At a stage it was as good weather you can get. Coming down the 9th, and then playing 10, it started blowing a little better and it's picked up now. Definitely it's been -- the front nine has been nice to play and not really much wind or anything. And I think it's, you know, probably going to be pretty much the same tomorrow morning for the guys. And I don't know what the greens would look like, but they were pretty playable today.

Q. I was talking to Retief yesterday and he was saying he was not at all surprised with your championship last year, because he knows the kind of golf you grew up playing and the windy conditions and rough weather. You mentioned the wind picking up and so forth. When you get out there and see the extra challenges that Mother Nature can throw at you, do you feel that you're a player that's prepped to take on those challenges?
LOUIS OOSTHUIEZEN: I enjoy playing in windy conditions. I grew up most of my life next to the coast. I love playing in those conditions. And I like a lot of shot-making and I don't feel uncomfortable when those situations come. But I think if you ask anyone, perfect weather is still the best.

Q. (Inaudible.)
LOUIS OOSTHUIEZEN: It was about 205 yards, it was a 4-iron.

Q. Is that as good as any you hit today?
LOUIS OOSTHUIEZEN: Yeah, that was exactly what we're trying to do, is hit a little low draw in there and just pitch it and run it up a bit. And it came out exactly the way I wanted it to.

Q. Are you pretty content with your scores?
LOUIS OOSTHUIEZEN: I'm happy with my score. I made four bogeys, but on this golf course it's got a lot of bogeys out there. But today there was a lot of birdies, as well. So it's just a matter of trying to get as many pars on your card, because then you've at least got opportunities for birdies.

Q. So you feel in pretty good shape for the rest of the week?
LOUIS OOSTHUIEZEN: Yeah, I feel fine. I feel confident with the game. It's just a matter of going out and play, not get too far ahead of yourself and just stay in the present really.

Q. Only 54 holes left?

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