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June 15, 2011

Shawn Thornton


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Shawn Thornton.
SHAWN THORNTON: It will be unbelievable. It has been all year. I expect nothing but the best from everybody on this team for Game 7.

Q. How do you feel?
SHAWN THORNTON: I just got out of bed 20 minutes ago, feeling good.
Once I have breakfast and coffee, I will feel better.

Q. How many coffees will it take?
SHAWN THORNTON: As many as I can get into me, I'm sure.

Q. (No microphone.)
SHAWN THORNTON: We talked about it and I had a glass of wine with him yesterday and probably one of the last glasses before the game, ever. Everyone appreciates Reccs and everything he's done for us here. I'm a big supporter of his, so hopefully it will be great for him.

Q. (No microphone.)
SHAWN THORNTON: I'm sure some things will be said. I don't know what yet, but words are words. Everyone has to show up to play. It's action tonight. Say whatever one likes, but it's playing that counts.

Q. The defense, how important is the forecheck?
SHAWN THORNTON: Not even just that, we're a good team when we have pressure on us. So as always, it will need to be important.

Q. Are you sick of hearing about the home ice thing?
SHAWN THORNTON: Well, you've got to talk about it because of the way it's went. But in order for us to win, we had to win one in this building anyhow, so it will have to be tonight if it's going to happen.

Q. What's it meant to have Nathan Horton around?
SHAWN THORNTON: He's awesome. He really puts everyone in a better mood, always has a smile on his face. Anytime you can have a guy like that around, it's great.

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