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February 23, 2000

Paul Lawrie


GORDON SIMPSON: Paul, your debut at the World Golf Championships - Andersen Consulting Match Play Championship, and a winning start. Not bad for openers, is it?

PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah, well, the front 9 I played pretty good, I had a poor shot off the 4th and a 3-wood in the water. Apart from that in the front 9 I played pretty good. I didn't play quite so good the back 9, struggled a bit. Dug deep, and got the job done. But overall not real happy with the performance, but a win is a win.

GORDON SIMPSON: Do you enjoy match play format?

PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah, obviously you can shoot 65 and get beat, and 73 and win, which is exciting. Every hole you feel like your opponent is going to chip in or hole a long putt. I enjoy it. It's great fun.

Q. The putts on the 9th, Paul, 15 feet?

PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah, at least, 20 maybe.

Q. And how important was that?

PAUL LAWRIE: Well, he'd obviously hit a lovely trap shot, so it was a big putt. I just lost the 8th hole by hitting a poor second shot. That was a huge putt to go in after 9, leader.

Q. Have you learned anything about match play from Monte at the Ryder Cup?

PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah. Obviously he gave me some pointers, but when you miss the green, you have to give yourself a putt. You don't get fancy and leave the ball in the rough or the bunker. You have to give yourself the chance, whether it be 20 feet or 5 feet. You have to give yourself a putt to make par.

Q. Was this a match today you feel you should have won more convincingly?

PAUL LAWRIE: No. He's well ahead of me in the world rankings.

Q. Given the way you played today?

PAUL LAWRIE: No, definitely not. Neither of the two of us played that good. It wasn't scrappy, but he's a hell of a player. He showed last year how good a player he is. I think it was always going to be close. But none of us played very good. It was all right. We kind of battle away. I holed a couple of crucial putts, which was the telling point. The 9th and the 10th I holed a good putt for bogey. I hold a 10-, 12-footer for bogey for a half. And it was again to keep the momentum going. He'd hit a nice shot out of the bunker, at 9, a decent shot on 10. He missed from inside me for par on 10. So my putt was to really keep it going. I holed a good putt -- at 15 I hit it long over the green, pitched down about 15 feet and made it up the hill for a half there, as well. I did putt nicely in the back nine.

GORDON SIMPSON: Are you feeling fit again, because you had to leave Australia, didn't you?

PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah, I hurt my neck. It was the heat, and I've been practicing so hard. And I practiced a couple of hours in the heat after the second round, and obviously just did something to my neck, and didn't feel good on Saturday, and felt terrible on Sunday, so I thought I'd better go home and rest up.

Q. You haven't been all that happy with your putting. Is that the best you've putted this year?

PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah, I went to the Callaway factory, and worked on some putting drills with Adam Hunter and got one a little bit heavier, and I've been struggling with the putter. I've been playing pretty nice and putting terrible. So it's nice to play not so good and putt well.

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