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June 12, 2011

Rick Carlisle


Q. Rick, what's Haywood's status?
COACH RICK CARLISLE: It's a game-time decision.

Q. Rick, how do you go about treating this just like another day, another game, even though obviously it's not?
COACH RICK CARLISLE: Well, all the games have great meaning, even leading up to this point. So it's kind of like always talking about the fourth quarter. The first quarter is important, too. The thing we want to make sure we do is not break our routine and get into too much stuff that hasn't been part of what's been working. So, I don't know.
Does that answer your question?

Q. Rick, did you break out a championship ring and show the guys or do anything out of the ordinary to get these guys motivated for this game?

Q. Any reason why not?
COACH RICK CARLISLE: At this point if you need some sort of exterior motivation, there's something wrong.

Q. Rick, when you look into their eyes each game going into these games, what do you see in your players' eyes?
COACH RICK CARLISLE: Now, that's a question. (Laughter).
Look, this is a veteran team, and a lot of these guys have been deep in the playoffs many times, but nobody has ever gotten to where we want to go. So it's a determined group. They're great guys. They're very motivated, and, you know, I really believe they understand the kind of game we have to play to be successful. And also, I really believe they understand that our defense tonight is going to have to be better than it was in Game 5 to win. Because we're not going to be able to give up over 100 points and be successful.

Q. Rick, what is the most difficult thing about facing a team that is on the brink of elimination?
COACH RICK CARLISLE: Well, at this level at this time of year, there's so much at stake on every possession that you could argue each possession is like a battle within itself. But elimination games are always the most difficult, when you're trying to close a team out, because they're going to be desperate. We're back in their building, which is always going to be something that's going to be a challenging situation.
But, again, we have to keep our eye on the ball. We have to concentrate on the things that have helped us have success to this point and stay steadfast on those things.

Q. You talk about disposition a lot. How would you describe Dirk's disposition right now? And has that intensified throughout the course of the playoffs or throughout the course of this series?
COACH RICK CARLISLE: He's just been extremely consistent all playoffs. As you advance rounds and opponents get tougher, seemingly everybody's disposition has to take a step up as well, just because of the level of competition.
This is really no different. It's not like we haven't been playing hard, because we have. But we're up against a different kind of opponent, in terms of the dynamic athleticism and those kinds of things. So being really dialed into what we're doing defensively and being really efficient offensively is so important, and you have to have the same disposition on offense, too.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Coach.

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