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June 12, 2011

James Mason


THE MODERATOR: It was an exciting day out there. You shoot 65 and birdied the last hole to get into the playoff and then make a clutch birdie putt on the first playoff hole and a clutch save on the second hole. Sort of take us down the stretch first. It was a great effort.
JAMES MASON: Well, there were so many people on the leaderboard. I was trying not to look at the leaderboard, but it was hard not to because they've got them all over the place.
But I'm just ecstatic for me, one, to shoot 19 under par. I think that's the lowest Champions Tour number I've ever shot. It was just a tremendous week for myself.
I played well all week. I didn't make a bogey today until I bogeyed the last one I made. I got a little bit too aggressive with that putter because I figured he was going to make his, and I felt if I could ram that one in, then I'll go home the other way. But I didn't hit a good second putt and he got the win.
I'd love to win, but still I would have taken second place starting the week or a Top 10, so I'm happy.
THE MODERATOR: Can you take us down the stretch starting with the 18th hole in regulation. You were on the green in two. Did you know where you stood in the event?
JAMES MASON: Yes, I knew that Wiebe had birdied and he was one shot ahead. I figured if I could make birdie, the worst I was going to do was be in the playoff. I hit one of my best 3-woods I've ever hit in my life and knocked it up there somewhere around 25 feet.
I didn't get really aggressive with the putt because I was saying I didn't want to give it to him right there. So I left it a little bit short and made the easy 4, then made two clutch putts and didn't quite make the last one.
THE MODERATOR: So 18 in the playoff he was in the hole with the birdie.
JAMES MASON: Right, he was in the hole with the birdie. And I had the same putt earlier, so I knew it broke just a little bit right, and I was fortunate enough to knock it in.
THE MODERATOR: About how far?
JAMES MASON: It was 10, 12 feet, 10 feet maybe, something like that.
THE MODERATOR: Then we stopped.
JAMES MASON: We stopped, and then we started back. I don't know. Mark hit a pretty good third shot in there, and I pulled my gap wedge and then didn't make a real good last shot but made a good putt. I thought Mark had made his putt anyway.
THE MODERATOR: About 8 feet?
JAMES MASON: Yeah. Then he made his putt and we went and played 17.
THE MODERATOR: You hit what into the green and how far was your first putt?
JAMES MASON: My first putt was probably 25 feet, and I ran it by about five feet and missed it coming back.
THE MODERATOR: And you hit what in?
JAMES MASON: I hit a 24-degree Rescue.

Q. When you guys were waiting, what were you doing?
JAMES MASON: Just talking. Not doing a whole lot. He was trying to get his planes changed, and I just got to get in my car and drive.

Q. You said coming into the week that you were looking for a Top 10.
JAMES MASON: Well, the win would have of course meant everything. That would have been the culmination of my career. That would have probably given me another year and a half out here. It would have been much better than -- of course, I still get a nice check, but the win would have been just a total redoing my career again.
Hopefully, I'll get one. That will definitely get me into Dick's, and I think it will get me into the TPC now. So I have a few tournaments to look forward to.

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