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February 25, 2000

Paul Lawrie


Q. Can you go through the match from the 17th, really quickly?

PAUL LAWRIE: From the 17th, I hit 5-iron in there about 10, 11 feet. And I had a nice putt, but it missed on the high side. We both hit nice drives, just behind the pin in the fringe, he was -- I was in the back bunker. I got out about 5 feet, 6 feet. Mark putted down about 7 feet, and we both missed. Playoff hole I had a poor second shot right in the back green. I hit it up to about maybe 10 feet. Mark left it short. I holed mine. Both hit good drives, both had good seconds. I splashed out from the bunker, about four or five feet, maybe six feet. Mark was a little outside of me, he missed and I missed. I hit 5-iron at the par-3 about 20, 22 feet, and hold it.

Q. What are the disadvantages of not having a professional caddy?

PAUL LAWRIE: None, it looks like to me. Adam's never caddied before. Obviously it's a tough thing for him to do. He's panicking a bit about getting did right. We're looking for a new caddy right now. Caddies are a very important part of what we do. But Adam came in a for me, he's played a long time, and it's not like he does know golf.

Q. Your thoughts on playing Tiger tomorrow?

PAUL LAWRIE: Obviously he's the best in the world. I'm looking forward to it. You don't look forward to playing with him, something is wrong with you. You want to take on the best and try to bet beat the best. I'm going to have to play well. You have to play well to beat anybody, but especially Tiger. I'm looking forward to it.

Q. Will Adam caddy for you the rest of the event?

PAUL LAWRIE: As long as I'm still in the event, yes.

Q. You played Tiger once before recently, Paul?

PAUL LAWRIE: I played Tiger in the Grand Slam. I played with him at Valderrama at the World Golf Championships there.

Q. Do you expect to have a new caddy soon?

PAUL LAWRIE: I hope so.

Q. Do you think it was lost for you in regulation?

PAUL LAWRIE: No, I had a putt to go 1-up on 17 and I had a putt to win the match on 18. Both putts I hit, I hit good putts. I still felt confident going down the playoff holes. If you think the match is lost, you're not thinking very well. No, you just play one shot at a time, and you take whatever comes.

Q. Paul, why did you make the caddy change?

PAUL LAWRIE: These things happen. The reason will remain between Patrick and I. That's not for anyone else to hear, apart from him and I.

Q. How do you feel about your game through this week, is it improving day-by-day, are you happy where it is?

PAUL LAWRIE: My game is -- my tee-to-green game is reasonable. I haven't putted all that well. But I haven't putted poorly, either, it's been a strange week. I haven't played that great or putted that great, but I've been winning matches, which is all you're supposed to do. Hopefully tomorrow I can play and putt well.

Q. Were you sure Adam was able to caddy for you?

PAUL LAWRIE: We asked before I teed off. You can't do it in Europe, but you can in America.

Q. Is he on a percentage?

PAUL LAWRIE: He's on a coach's percentage, yeah.

Q. Not a caddy percentage?


Q. I know you don't want to talk about it, but something -- something big happened for you to change in the middle of a tournament?

PAUL LAWRIE: If you and your caddy split ten minutes before tee off, you have to think it's something big.

Q. What did you learn from playing Tiger in Hawaii?

PAUL LAWRIE: I learned that he hits it a long way, his iron shots are good, he chips it good, he putts it good, he's got a good attitude. He's a great player.

Q. When you made the decision to play more in America this year, is this the sort of game --?

PAUL LAWRIE: You want to -- what you want to do is play against the best. And you've got to try to raise your game when you do play against the best. And I worked very hard with Adam and Dr. Cox. I don't know why I should put all that time and effort in and work so hard if I'm not going to take on Tiger. It's going to be a hard match for me, no one needs to tell me that. I feel as though if I play well I've got a chance.

Q. Adam help you out there today?

PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah, he's good. Obviously he hasn't caddied before, he leaves the bag up now and then, but he's not done it before, so you tell him off and on you go.

Q. Was he doing yardages?


Q. Paul, having said what you just said about Tiger, how do you convince yourself you can beat him?

PAUL LAWRIE: Because I hit it pretty good. I hit my iron shots pretty close and I chip pretty good. There's a big difference between him and I. He's obviously a better player than I. But underdogs have a strange habit of coming through now and then.

Q. Is there anything about playing golf over here that's surprised you?

PAUL LAWRIE: No, not really. Everything is -- everyone is being really nice to me. The three guys I've played this week have all been Americans, and the crowd has come onto them, but if I'm struggling, that's going to happen at home. I've enjoyed my time here, and looking forward to the next tournament.

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