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June 11, 2011

Robert Karlsson


COLIN MURRAY: All right. Robert, thanks for joining us in the interview room at the FedEx St. Jude Classic. Not the finish were you looking for. But all in all, a solid three days worth of work, and you're in great position going into tomorrow.
ROBERT KARLSSON: Oh, yeah, definitely. I'm very, very happy with where I am at the moment. I mean, you're going to make a mistake here and there, and I hit two really good shots, I mean, on my third and fourth shot on 17 and then a bit of a poor tee shot or second shot on 18, but probably one of the only poor shots I hit from the fairway today. So I'm very, very happy with the way I'm playing.

Q. Any thoughts going into tomorrow or just keep doing what you're doing?
ROBERT KARLSSON: Just keep doing what I'm doing. I mean, it's 72-hole golf tournament. It's a long, long way to go still, and I'm -- as I said, I'm very happy with where I'm standing and let's go from here.
COLIN MURRAY: Questions.

Q. Robert, I know you've won the 11 events in Europe. Have you had similar maybe third rounds to this where there's a little bit of a breakdown late but you still win?

Q. Have you had a similar experience in the third round where you've had a lead, maybe it's dwindled, but you still hold on and win?
ROBERT KARLSSON: I don't really know the question. I wasn't aware what I was doing. I was playing my golf ball out there. I don't have a clue if I was 10 in front or 1 in front or where I was today. The only thing I'm focused when I'm playing my golf rounds is my golf ball. I haven't got a clue where I was today.
It's not interesting, because it's the third day and it's -- that's it. We sum up the golf tournament tomorrow evening. If I shoot 80 tomorrow, I might be 50th. If I shoot 60, I probably win. It's not even interesting where you are now. It's easy being in the last few groups because you're in it and it's more interesting to be -- you get the juices going when you're in the last few groups. That's great. I mean, the last -- I'm in the last group and have a great chance of getting out there tomorrow and play golf. I'm looking forward to that.

Q. So, Robert, with not paying close attention to the standing you had, there's no pressure from having a 5-stroke lead suddenly a 1-stroke lead?
ROBERT KARLSSON: No. I mean, I thought obviously the guys I was playing with weren't playing that great. I saw at some stage I think someone was 7-under, but I think it was -- just looked away from it. I never saw a leaderboard. I never looked for them, especially third round. It's completely irrelevant. I'm not going to start to play safe the last few holes of the third round. It's just not the way it works. Try to hit your best shot every -- when you can and every given time, and then you go from there.
COLIN MURRAY: Okay. Anything else?

Q. If you just compare how you're playing this year compared to this tournament last year at this stage.
ROBERT KARLSSON: Probably play a bit better this year, I would say. Yeah. Playing better this time. I don't remember what the scoring was like last year, but was it quite similar, maybe?
COLIN MURRAY: 9-under playoff.
ROBERT KARLSSON: Probably 11-under is better than 9-under. Yeah. It's fairly similar.

Q. Have you ever had any other repercussions from the eye injury at all?

Q. Everything is fine.
ROBERT KARLSSON: Yup. I seem to see the hole pretty good at the moment (laughter).

Q. You mentioned the second shot there on 18. When were you near the green, it looked like you were -- you just maybe catch that one a little bit wrong?
ROBERT KARLSSON: Yeah. It's difficult, you can never pitch that one up on the green and land it because everything just goes away from you. So you need to land it short, and I probably hit it a bit too soft. Wanted a one-bounce and just pop up and probably hit it 6 feet too short.
COLIN MURRAY: All right. Robert, thanks for your time. Play well tomorrow.

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