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June 11, 2011

Harrison Frazar


DOUG MILNE: Harrison Frazar, thanks for joining us. 6-under, 64 today. Ties the low round of the week. Obviously puts you in great position. What was, as we were just mentioning, was a 5-stroke spread is now a 1-stroke spread.
You're obviously in prime position for tomorrow. Just a few comments and especially that bomb on 18, 42 feet.
HARRISON FRAZAR: It's been a long time since you guys have asked me to come in here because of my play, so that's nice. As far as the golf, you know, this golf course is one where slow and steady wins the race, and, you know, just trying to pick good lines, trying to hit good tee shots. I put myself in as many positions as I possibly can to succeed, and if you get into some trouble, play smart, get out of it and move on.
You know, about halfway through the round today, we kind of looked up and Robert was taking off again. I thought he was at 14-under or something like that, and most of us out there probably thought, you know, we kind of forgot about trying to win the golf tournament.
HARRISON FRAZAR: A bunch of birdies were actually made. Couple of guys in my group birdied three out of the last four, five. I birdied three out of the last four. We all kind of got ourselves back up in there, and, you know, somebody is going to probably play a good round tomorrow. Hope it's me. 42-footer on the last hole. I had that putt before. I think I made it last year. Maybe from not quite so far. So I felt like I knew exactly where it was going. And my caddy asked me, he tried to come up and give me the read. I called him off of it, no, I'm fine, I got it. Went right in the center. Jumped in there like a rabbit.
DOUG MILNE: You've been in this position before heading into the final round with chances to win. How do you -- what's your mindset? Do you just kind of continue doing what you're doing, what's working right for you, do you try the change or alter anything?
HARRISON FRAZAR: Obviously I haven't figured it out yet. I think -- you know, I think that you got to forget about trying to win the golf tournament. Lot of people ask all the time, "Why haven't you won? When are you going to win? What's going on?" We put winning on a pedestal. Guys that win golf tournaments don't think about it until the very end and figure out what to do.
Tomorrow I'm not going to give it any credence. I'm not even going to think about what's happening out there except just what's going on with my golf game, and then I'll try to look up at the end, you know, see where we stand and see if anything needs to be done the last few holes.
But up to that point, I don't think it's going to do any good. So, you know, in the past I've tried to -- you know, I've tried to tell myself I'm going to play more aggressive or tell myself I'm going to play more conservative. I try to do these other things the night before, you know, talking to psychologists and coaches and everything else. It's just never panned out. So I think let's just go play golf the way we know how to play golf and see where it goes.
DOUG MILNE: With that we'll go ahead and open it up and take a few questions.

Q. You came in here swinging pretty good. You qualified for The Open early this week and shot a 64 in the final round. Obviously, you came in here with a lot of confidence feeling that you were hitting it pretty well.
HARRISON FRAZAR: I came in here feeling real close. I shot 2-over at the opening round at the U.S. Open qualifier, also. There were still some rusty points I needed to work out. To be able to come back when it was 100, 105 there in the afternoon in the second 18 and shoot 64, showed me that if I would just relax and quit thinking about things too hard, there's some pretty good stuff underneath there. So, let's just go play golf, you know, quit worrying about this stuff.
I started -- I was 3 over after three holes on Thursday here. Made a couple of mistakes trying too hard, trying to out-think and out-figure the golf course. Stand up and hit the shot. Once I got that point, I relaxed. I relaxed and started playing.

Q. After you hurt your back earlier this year when you went back to work in practicing, what did you have to straighten out in your game? Because you said you struggled at the start of this year and then worked hard. What did you have to kind of figure out?
HARRISON FRAZAR: Last year I had hip surgery on my left hip, and for about three, four years I couldn't quite get all my weight to the left side that I needed to. So there was still some scar tissue physically and mentally on getting to the left side. I could do it fine in practice sessions, but I couldn't quite trust it on the golf course and I couldn't do it enough to really build repetition.
So when I missed the cut in New Orleans and went home, I went out to the driving range, I took 600 balls and said I'm going to get to my left side. If my body breaks, I'm going to learn to get to my left side. That was the wrong thing, because I ended up hurting myself enough to the point where I needed to skip that week in Wells Fargo, which I wanted to play. But the positive of that is the Players Championship was after that, I had that week off and then Colonial, I didn't get to play there, either.
So I ended up with three weeks off, I was able to get my body feeling right, and I was able to have good focus sessions with my coach and by myself getting to my left side and learning how to trust that.
DOUG MILNE: Okay. Well, Harrison, we will cut you loose. We appreciate your time. Great playing today and keep it up tomorrow. We'll see you back here tomorrow.

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