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June 11, 2011

Juli Inkster


MODERATOR: We'd like to welcome Juli Inkster into the interview room. Congratulations on your round of 67 today. Just take me a little bit through the round and what was working well for you today.
JULI INKSTER: Well, I hit a lot of good irons today. I didn't necessarily drive the ball that great, but I hit a lot of good irons. I made some 12-and 15-footer, which the last couple days I haven't.
So it was -- I would say my putting was probably the best part of my game today.
MODERATOR: We've seen a lot of low scores out there today. Were the conditions pretty...
JULI INKSTER: Yeah, the greens are holding. The wind played completely opposite than it had the first two days, so all the short holes that yesterday were long holes, and vice versa.
So it played a little bit different. I thought it played a little tougher today than yesterday, but the scores are pretty low.
MODERATOR: We saw Cristie last year at 22-under win this tournament.

Q. Did you expect another low score like that at the start of the week, or are you surprised?
JULI INKSTER: 22, that's playing some golf. You know, I probably would have said 4-under a day, 16-under, 17-under would do it. Looks like you might need a little bit more than that.
So I would take another 67 today tomorrow and see what happens.
MODERATOR: How did you approach the final round after sitting I guess a few strokes back of the leader?
JULI INKSTER: Well, you have to make birdies out here. You have to play the par-5s good. I played the par-5s even today, which didn't really help. So you've got to play the par-5s well and make some putts.
Being four or five back, I'm gonna need the leaders to not do much. The problem is when you've got to a lot of people in between, it's hard. If you have one or two you can catch 'em; when you've got six or seven, not everybody is going to play average.
MODERATOR: Questions.

Q. I was going to ask you kind of a nongolf thing. Yesterday we had -- it was kind of the military and the Marine guys were here doing the flags.

Q. Today I know they've had some breast cancer survivors walk with some golfers, and I think you had a lady.

Q. You're a mom and you've had kids and so forth, so a lot of things away from golf. Likes like that just kind of...
JULI INKSTER: I think it's great.

Q. Does it put things in perspective?
JULI INKSTER: Yeah, it does. Even though this is our job and we want to play well, you know, yesterday Lance Corporal, Sergeant Corporal, I don't know. Lance Corporal McClellan -- his first name is Josh -- I got to shake hands with him, and then we talked today and I signed his picture; he signed one for me, which I thought was great.
Little stuff like that means a lot to them and means a lot to us. You know, what we're doing is pretty -- you know, it's not that big a deal compared to what they're doing.
And today, I got a good friend that's going through breast cancer right now, and to see Lisa out there walking all 18 holes with us, that's pretty impressive. I didn't even know if she's a golfer. I think just having her out there was great.

Q. She said her husband used to be a superintendant at another course, and I think she said she did take it up maybe a year or two ago.

Q. But you said you have a friend yourself?
JULI INKSTER: Yeah, my husband's first assistant, whatever, she's 37 and just finished the chemo. Just had a mastectomy and now she's doing radiation. We've kind of all gone through it with her. She's got just "the" most awesome attitude that you could ever have.
Right now she's cancer-free, but you just never know.

Q. Back to golf. Going into this week it seemed like a lot of the players said the rough was a little thicker, maybe some variables that might make the course play tougher. Still some pretty low scores out there. Is it still really receptive, the greens?
JULI INKSTER: Yeah, the greens are very receptive. You know, I just didn't think it played that easy today. I hit a lot of good iron shots in there and made some 15-, 12-, 15-footers.
But you've got to play the par-5s well, and I played them horrible today. You look at the leaderboard up there, and maybe except Mindy Kim, they all bomb the ball. So they're getting to those par-5s no problem.
You know, makes it just a little harder on the shorter hitters, but that's golf. You've just got to take your strengths and go.
MODERATOR: Thank you, Juli.
JULI INKSTER: Thank you.

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