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June 11, 2011

Retief Goosen


Q. Retief, 6-under, 64. Kind of shot your way back into it today.
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, it was great. Yeah. A good solid front-9. I had a few more chances for birdie. On the back-9 I don't know what happened to me on the last four holes, made four birdies in a row. So that was good for my round.

Q. Can you put together another round like this tomorrow?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah. Robert looks like he's not going to fall back. Playing really solid. Need to get another round like this in tomorrow to get a chance to catch him.

Q. When you get a roll like that, four birdies in a row, are you feeling anything?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah. I mean, 16 is probably the easiest birdie hole -- they moved the tees up. I hit a 5-iron in and then the short par-4 before that was a 5-wood and wedge and yeah, good birdie on 14, down the hill. Three birdies. You're going to make up some shots on the field.

Q. Talk about No. 4, the long par-3.
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah. That was a full 8-iron I hit to the green, probably 60, 50 feet, somewhere around there, and I had about a 30-footer so it made up for it a little bit. Tomorrow I need another really low front-9 to put the pressure on Robert. He's playing very solid. And I don't think he's going to make any mistakes.

Q. What were you feeling when you had those holes 3 and 4, did you start to feel some momentum picking up after the near eagle and long birdie?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah. I hit it sort of close on the next hole, too. Hit a really good putt, lipped out and actually got a good up and down. On the next two holes, missed the greens, and then from 8 on I had birdie chances.

Q. In terms of this course and how it's playing for you, I mean, do you like the conditions?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, I do. It's tough. You have to grind it out there. It's not one of the longest courses we play on Tour, but it's very tricky and especially these breezy conditions and the heat. The greens are getting crusty out there, too. It's tough.

Q. Does that suit you, your game?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Yeah, I like tough golf courses. I'd rather feel like some holes par is a good score instead of birdie maybe is a good score.

Q. Playing here in terms of over the years, each year your results seem to be getting better and better on this course. Just your familiarity with it?
RETIEF GOOSEN: You learn a little bit more the lines on the greens and some of the shots you need to hit. I like the event. It's a great set-up, great golf course, great for the charities here in this area, and FedEx does a lot for us this week.

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