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June 11, 2011

Chris Bosh

MIAMI, FLORIDA: Practice Day

Q. An extra day off between games, is that a good thing for you guys?
CHRIS BOSH: Yes, that along with being at home. It feels a lot better being here. It seems like we were on the road forever. That 2-3-2 format is something different from what we're used to. That extra Game 5 on the road, it's tough.
But we're back home. We can sleep in our own bed, drive our own cars, come to our own gym.

Q. Is it time for you guys to put the talk aside and do what counts?
CHRIS BOSH: Yes. I mean, it's been like that. Action is always better than your words. Until the games come, we have to talk about the right things. We have to continue to talk and talk and visualize it before games. We're going to keep doing that. We've been doing that all season. It's not going to stop now. Yes, we do have to translate it to the court and do a better job of doing our job so we can make this more competitive and hopefully come out on top in the next couple of days.

Q. Dwyane and Wade were having a little bit fun, I guess after the shoot-around. Was that hyper-analysis?
CHRIS BOSH: Absolutely, hyper-analysis. Everything is under a microscope right now, and it's about it. We're not thinking about anybody but ourselves right now. We know people are going to pick apart every single detail of every single thing right now. But at the end of the day, it's about basketball and nothing else.

Q. Do you have respect for your opponent?
CHRIS BOSH: We have respect for our opponents. They are conference champions. If you don't respect your opponent, you get beat. We would be crazy not to respect them because they are up 3-2 right now. We have respect for them, at the same time, they are our enemy. The respect only goes so far. You have to be competitive with those guys.

Q. Hitting that shot at the end of Game 3, (Indiscernible)?
CHRIS BOSH: I mean, it was kind of a mixture of that, and really just diving into the film, seeing where things are and really reliving the experiences of all the other games. I know the mistakes that I made. I knew the feelings, I knew what I could have done. And once I got out there and just trusted my game and started trying to be effective, everything started really working out for me individually. I just have to keep that same mind frame. Just keep the same thing going. Probably be a little more aggressive, because we're at home, but overall I think it's been pretty decent. I'm just trying to have solid games.

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