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June 10, 2011

Tomislav Peric

Diego Visotzky

James Ward


Q. Listen, you've beaten two players in the world's top 30 in the last sort of 48 hours. Not bad?
JAMES WARD: No, it's been unbelievable, last two matches, obviously, best two wins of my career so far. Pleased with that.

Q. We were talking on Sunday before the tournament began about the rigors of being on the challenger tour and playing in front of ten people and the proverbial dog. You've got a couple of thousand people here who have been cheering you to the rafters. That's fantastic, isn't it?
JAMES WARD: This is unbelievable. Obviously on center last night was a great atmosphere. It was a shame we had to stop. But people have come out again today and I want to thank them.

Q. You want to thank your serve, as well, don't you?
JAMES WARD: Helped me out a few sticky moments there. But no, I thought I played all right from the back, as well. Overall it was a good performance.

Q. Quarterfinal?
JAMES WARD: Yeah, obviously a first, and playing Mannarino later on. Prepare and get ready for that one and carry on.

Q. What do you do between now and then?
JAMES WARD: Just going to go shower, eat, and then I think there are a couple more matches on center and then I will be on. There's not too much time today.

Q. And the weather forecast is very encouraging, so it might get put off till tomorrow. Listen. The great thing about playing tennis tournaments is to be involved as the weekend approaches, and you are.
JAMES WARD: Yeah. I mean, it's Friday today. Obviously if I can take a win today again it would be great. You never know. I'm looking forward to playing again on center. Hopefully the weather holds up.

Q. Tomislav is coach, and Diego is James' cage-fighting partner. I was going to say you're not a ballet dancer; that's for sure. What have you been doing with James over the last three or four weeks?
DIEGO VISOTZKY: We have been trying to work on his conditioning, and especially I was trying to work on his mind game especially through the exercising, you know, making it tough for him so he gets stronger in his body and his mind.

Q. So do you wrestle each other?
DIEGO VISOTZKY: Sometimes I do make him wrestle. It's part of the mental conditioning thing.

Q. Because in terms of physique, if this was a boxing competition, it would be a catch-weight contest, because he's very tall and lithe and you're much, much more stocky. So what chance has he got?
DIEGO VISOTZKY: Oh, he hasn't got much chances if it was for real, but it's only for conditioning so I let him beat me sometimes.

Q. Because you could kill him.
DIEGO VISOTZKY: If I wanted to? Maybe, yeah.

Q. From a tennis point of view, how encouraged have you been by what's happened over the last three days?
TOMISLAV PERIC: Yeah, James played very, very good tennis last couple of weeks. Especially of course with Diego he improved physically. I think James improve mentally. That's one of the most important things he's done last couple of weeks. And, yeah, tennis has just been great, and I hope he's going to keep on like this.

Q. How much of all of this, of all sport, but tennis, as well, is about momentum? Now he's on a roll, how much do you keep that going?
TOMISLAV PERIC: Well, that's up to him. He likes to play here at home in London, so hopefully it's gonna stay like that for the rest of the grass season.

Q. When he was serving for the match there and then had a break point against him, how were you feeling?
TOMISLAV PERIC: Well, you get a little bit stomachache, you know, but that's the way it goes. But I was pretty sure he was gonna make it, because lately his serve is much better so I wasn't that tight.

Q. Last word must go to the man himself: How much do you owe both these guys?
JAMES WARD: Oh, I mean, I can only say thanks. Now we are obviously still in the middle of a tournament. No celebration so far.
Obviously Diego is a new member of the team. Tomi has been with me over a year, so a lot of hard work is down to him, as well. Look forward to this afternoon and hopefully the run can continue.

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