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June 10, 2011

Colt Knost


Q. Second round add it to the 4-under. You're in a great place to look at this tournament for the weekend.
COLT KNOST: Yeah, feeling good. You know, kind of been struggling coming into this event, but, you know, I just kind of took a new mindset this week and just got off to a great start yesterday and played solid again today.

Q. You got off to a really solid start on the back-9 today and got to the front-9 and decided to get some fun and excitement on 6, 7, and 8.
COLT KNOST: Yeah. Hit a few squirrely ones there, but short game was good, rolling the ball great. Obviously gives me a lot of confident for the other part of my game, knowing I'm putting so well.
Tough golf course. You can't fall asleep out there, and I expect to give myself chances this weekend.

Q. Talk about the wind picking up this afternoon. We had greens already firm and fast in Round 1. Here in Round 2 is there a difference?
COLT KNOST: This golf course is tough. You have to hit so many good shots. It's just a great golf course.

Q. You don't hesitate to sit down to a nice table. This is a beautiful place to visit and to always enjoy the barbecue. Do you have a favorite barbecue place here?
COLT KNOST: I ate at Rendezvous the other day. I enjoyed it.

Q. We've got to send you to the commissary and get a comparison.
COLT KNOST: I'll try anything.

Q. Good playing, keep it up.

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