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June 9, 2011

Andy Murray


A live on-court Eurosport interview with:

Q. Were you enjoying yourself out there?
ANDY MURRAY: Yeah. The end of the match I thought was high standard. The first set was a little bit patchy. Obviously the rain break didn't really help. Tricky conditions.
Yeah, the second set I thought was a good standard for both of us, and I managed to turn it around after being a break down.

Q. Have you been able to bring in things you have been working on onto the grass court?
ANDY MURRAY: I've only had one day of practice. I'm just getting used to having the grass under my feet.
I can still get better, but yeah, I was hitting the ball a lot cleaner from the back of the court today.

Q. Seemed like you were flattening out the balls a lot more, hitting it harder. And you seemed fairly relaxed. Are you relaxed on the outside and the inside?
ANDY MURRAY: I've always enjoyed playing this tournament. It doesn't feel like playing a tour event. I always feels quite relaxed.
It's a club. You know, all the members come out and watch. It's a fairly relaxed tournament and I really enjoy it.

Q. Your serve seems to be firing on all cylinders.
ANDY MURRAY: My second serve is the most important thing. I was going for it a lot more than I did in the first round. Then that takes the pressure off the first serve, so you feel like you can go for the first serve all the time. He wasn't able to attack my second serve as well, especially in the second set.

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