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June 9, 2011

Brittany Lincicome


MODERATOR: We'd like to welcome Brittany Lincicome into the interview room. Last week's winner and off to a great start again today, 67 out there. What went well again for you today?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: You know, the first two holes it started unbelievable: Birdie, birdie. You can't ask for anything more than that. Then I felt like it was about nine holes of nothing and boring and very unexciting.
Then I was mic'd for play today, and so when the TV camera showed up, I kind of turned it on again. So it's obviously better to play well when the cameras show up, I guess.
And then a great back nine. I had multiple birdies on the back nine. I almost made an eagle. So nice to give the fans a little bit of excitement at home.
I was really worried about being mic'd today because you never know how that's gonna go. Even though like I don't feel the mic on me or feel like I'm watching myself at all, it for some reason just makes you a little bit more nervous.
So it was nice to kind of get another good run under my belt. We'll see if we can keep it going. I'm hitting it well. Only hit seven fairways today, so I need to kind of work on that in the next three days.
But just still felt like I was hitting it well enough. Had some really good chips to get up-and-down, and the putter again was working really well.
MODERATOR: We've seen quite a few low scores out there. Was the course playing pretty well that if you were going well you could shoot a low number?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Absolutely. It was kind of all right in front of you. It wasn't too windy. The rain obviously held off, thank goodness. Hopefully it holds off for tomorrow.
But, yeah, I mean, the course is playing great. If you can keep it in the fairway, you're not gonna have -- it's not too long of a golf course where you can't attack the holes.
And for me, the par-5s, most of them are reachable. So it's a very good setup for a long hitter.
MODERATOR: Questions.

Q. Of your little birdie binge on the back side, any of the birdies you had, any highlights, long putts, anything where you hit it really close?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: No, you know, I hit a lot of wedges really close today. I hit like two or three within a foot, tap-in range, which is obviously is very nice.
But, I mean, 16 I almost eagled. I was probably 20 feet away, and, I mean, it like went over the cup and then kind of back out. So that would have been exciting.
But even the putt on 18 was probably only 7, 8 feet. So knocking them pretty close when I did make birdie. I didn't make anything crazy, so maybe we can make some long ones in the next couple days -- along with the short ones.

Q. You said after those first couple birdies today it got kind of boring. Playing with A.J. now, when you're playing well you're kind of talkative and whatever. Like you said, when it got boring, did the conversation level kind of go down during that strip?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Absolutely, 100% it did. She don't know yet that if I have a bad shot or if I have a bad hole just kind of give me a little breathing room. She was like really right there to kind of start chatting.
I'm just like, I don't want to talk right now. I just want to be mad for a couple minutes and then let me go. She did exactly what she needed to do out there to kind of pump me up to make me want to get back in it and to make the birdies. So she did a fantastic job.
We were just talking about fishing and what songs are on your iPod. Just really whatever. I told her we need to hold our conversations to the back nine, because our mic wasn't on on the front nine. So when the mic turned on on the back we would have more talk about so we didn't talk everything in the front nine.

Q. You talk about the Golf Channel being mic'd. Have you done that a few times over the last few years?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: I think I've -- I've done it at least twice that I can think of. But it's just different. Obviously you know in the back of your mind it's there. I mean, I don't really cuss a lot on the golf course anyway, so I wasn't too worried about that.
But even just like conversations if you're talking about somebody who they might know and it's another girl on tour, you're like, Oh, gosh. You got to be somewhat censored, I guess.
So instead of just playing my game - like tomorrow hopefully we can just go out and kind of just play my own game and do my own thing.

Q. Golf Channel, do they approach you about it?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah. I guess Beth Hutter that I guess runs the Golf Channel, she came up to me -- -or Mike Scanlan even asked me to do it. They know I can't say no or I won't say no, so I feel like they always attack me. In a good way.
I mean, obviously I had to be shown a lot today on TV. Fans get to see a side of me that they might not have known, so it works great both ways. It was great. It was great exposure for me.

Q. And like you say, you have to be a little careful. I mean, any time you've been mic'd was there any memorable thing, Oh, I wish I hadn't said that or anything?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: No, I mean, today the only thing -- we had a player meeting on Tuesday, and our commissioner like, Don't say anything to anybody. Don't say anything to the media. I'm like -- I caught myself right before I was saying something. I'm like, Oh, better not talk about that right now. (Laughing.)
But you just have to be a little bit careful and not so free talking. I mean, the caddie, you're going to tell the caddie anything and everything about your life. Some stuff you don't obviously want on TV.
But I've never, knock on wood, said anything like a cuss word or anything bad. They said it was tape delayed, but I think it was live in Japan or something. So only people in Japan are going to know if you cuss. Obviously I still don't want to do that.

Q. The rough here compared to some years was a little thicker and whatnot. From what I understand, maybe they did mow the rough the last couple days. From what I understand, maybe they're thinking about the weekend where there may be rain and if they had let it go maybe it would've gotten a little -- from what you saw today -- when you came out today were you a little surprised they had mowed, or did you notice?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Um, didn't even notice that they mowed it so much. I mean, it's really thick. It's not easy. I mean, if you get in it, you've got to kind of gut it out and kind of land it short and kind of let it hop on. You're not going to be spinning it out of the rough this week.
So it's probably better that they did cut it, especially if we do get rain. Because, I mean, it's going to get pretty sticky if it does get wet. So it's probably for the better.
I mean, it's not a U.S. Open, so we obviously don't want it over our shoes and not able to find the golf balls. But, I mean, around the greens, I mean, Se Ri had a couple chips today where you couldn't see her around the green. She was trying to hit like a flop shot and you couldn't even see the ball, and I could be standing from me to you to her.
So, I mean, it's still pretty thick out there.

Q. How are things out the Rail?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Lovely. My housemates went to Italy on Tuesday, so they're not even there. It's just me, my dad, and Natalie Gulbis all by ourselves. Nobody to make us dinner either.

Q. So the Hahns are overseas?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, went to Italy. Out of all weeks.
MODERATOR: Thanks for joining us, guys.

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