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June 9, 2011

John Daly


Q. John, one of these rollercoaster rides today. Six birdies, five bogies, couple of times you had a couple birdies in a row. The momentum would always stop at some point.
JOHN DALY: It's tough. The greens are so good, but they're so fast that, you know, I hit three really beautiful iron shots into the green and rolled off the back. But I hit it good. I made some birdies. It was nice. There's a lot -- every hole, you know, I had a chance, even the bogies were actually good chances. A couple of them I 3-putted, but hit really hard par putts. It's just a hard golf course now. It's not easy.

Q. What about the course conditions out there? You had the first tee time on the front 89 today starting off at 7:00. So the heat wasn't too bad.
JOHN DALY: Heat doesn't bother me. I lived here for 19 years. The golf course, each year, I mean, the staff here -- with so I yeah, fairways and heat, it's the best grass to hit off ever. I always love Champions Bermuda. The golf course is in great, great shape. The greens, they're rolling, 11 to 12 on the stimp. Normally, around 9, 10, so they're so fast, but, you know, short side yourself, you got less spots to get it up and down out here. Because they're so fast.

Q. How are you physically? I know you had some back issues, got back over here on this side of the continent.
JOHN DALY: The heat helps. You get older, you don't know which bone is going to crack when you get 45. Every time you swing, it pops out. Europe is great, but it's just cold all the time, never get loose. The bone went out, and luckily Thursday night at Wales I could get around the golf course on Friday. Something popped back in. Little John, scared my son to death. No, it felt good, it popped back in. The heat feels really good.

Q. Got to ask you, you're always somewhere each night in Memphis. Are you going the tweet somebody? Where are you going to be tonight?
JOHN DALY: I'm waiting to get my bus back. I had my bus all week, I had the AC fixed. I don't know. I'll probably go to my restaurant, Daly's Olive Branch.

Q. Little 1-under 69, six birdies, five bogies. Little bit of everything out there today.
JOHN DALY: It was. You know, but it was a good ball striking day. The greens are so fast that I short sided myself a couple times. Good to make some birdies.

Q. This is like a second home to you. How special is it for you to be here and to be playing well?
JOHN DALY: It's always home for me. I lived here for 19 years. I know everybody, I love everybody here. And the golf course is such a great, great golf course. Ever since we went to the Champions, the golf course is in the greatest shape it's ever been in. Always great to come home.

Q. I know your back was struggling. How did you pull out of the one? How does the heat help you? You've got to be loose.
JOHN DALY: Helps tremendously. Felt my stretch Thursday night after a tough day in Wales. Little John was with me. Popped it back in. Scared him to death. I'm okay. It felt so good, like the John Cougar song. You get aches this age. Just wonder what bone is going to pop or not pop on every swing but the heat really does help.

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