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June 9, 2011

John Merrick


Q. John, we almost lost you. You almost got away from us. You shoot 66, you got to come talk to us, partner.
JOHN MERRICK: It's been awhile since I got interviewed. It was nice to play well today. It was fun, hit some good shots. There's some really good pin placements out there today. You need to be on your game out there.

Q. Was this the time to go get it, because there wasn't much wind this morning and seemed like conditions were about as good as they could be? You at least get to wear black.
JOHN MERRICK: I got the black shirt. When there's no wind out here, it's there for the taking. When the wind starts blowing, the greens get firm. It's really tough.

Q. How about your game? You've made six out of eight cuts in the tournaments you've got the play this year. It's been some tough weekends. Where does this come from?
JOHN MERRICK: I felt like it's been close for a long time. Just a little bit more patient, little bit more confidence, and, you know, see what happens.

Q. The holes I saw today, you gave yourself an awful lot of chances.
JOHN MERRICK: It's definitely that's been hurting me. I've been hitting greens but not really getting it close. Today I hit some good shots and had some decent looks at birdies that were inside 10 feet.

Q. What's the color plan for tomorrow, it won't be black or dark?
JOHN MERRICK: I got all my white shirts ready for the rest of the week.

Q. Got them lined up. Hope you need them the rest of the week, especially on Saturday and Sunday. Good job.
JOHN MERRICK: Thank you.

Q. Great round.

Q. John, what was working so well with you out there with a 66 today?
JOHN MERRICK: My ball strikes was pretty good today. I hit -- probably missed a couple fairways and a couple greens and made some putts early on and then just kind of hung in there from there.

Q. Given your limited status this year, how big is that to fire a round like that?
JOHN MERRICK: The weeks off that I've had, you need to get prepared to play because you're not out week after week after week playing. You're at home. Back out. You're at home. You really need to be ready to play. That's one of my goals, to be ready to play when my chances came.

Q. What kind of things have you been doing to get yourself ready to play on the off weeks?
JOHN MERRICK: Working with my coach, fine-tuning. We're out here, always fine-tuning, and, you know, stroke here or there can go a long way.

Q. Nice back-9 after --
JOHN MERRICK: Get a little lunch and hit a couple balls. Get in the AC for sure.

Q. What's it do to the course out there with it being this hot?
JOHN MERRICK: The ball travels a little further. You know, maybe the greens don't get as -- they need to put water on them because they don't want them to die. The ball usually goes further, which is nice when it's hot out.

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