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June 8, 2011

Chris Bosh

DALLAS, TEXAS: Practice Day

Q. Is this series going the way you expected it to go?
CHRIS BOSH: We knew it was going to be hard. We knew it was going to be an extremely difficult series. I was telling people earlier, as a competitor we expect to close it out early. Everybody does. In actuality, you have the two best teams in the league. And we're both going on each other's floor, we're the best road teams in the league. It comes down to very small mistakes at the end of the day.
Yeah, we're in it to win it. They are too.

Q. Not only as a team the big three, do you get tired of the LeBron, Bosh, Dwyane, when things aren't going right, especially in The Finals?
CHRIS BOSH: You can't blame one guy. First, it's the team effort. Second, the guys -- you have games where they don't go the way you want to. I know it's crazy, I know it sounds weird, but guys have bad games. It happens.

Q. Do you think LeBron is frustrated?
CHRIS BOSH: Yeah, it's going to be a natural frustration. You want to do well every time you step on the court. But, yeah, it's frustrating at times. But he's a good player. It's not his first bad game in his career. He knows how to put it behind him and move on. We've seen what he's done after a bad game in the last series.
He's been there before. We've all been here before. We just have to keep trusting ourselves and trusting each other.

Q. Why do you guys struggle to hold the lead? 21-9 run, six turnovers, fourth quarter last night. Why can't you guys hold the lead?
CHRIS BOSH: It's just attention to detail. We have to get into -- it's just things we're doing to ourselves. I don't know the cause, I don't know what it is. But we have to do a better job of just trusting our system and just playing basketball. I mean, we're kind of holding the ball because it's the end of the game. We need to get out and just play basketball and flow into our offense.

Q. Is that something weird for LeBron, nine points in the game? How would you have predicted that?
CHRIS BOSH: Nobody would have predicted, but it's the reality. This is where we are right now, this is the situation we're in. Some of it you can give credit to their defense. Most of it we have to do a better job of seeing what's coming. And we have to know what's coming. Just play the game. We need to give him more space to operate. I think we can do a better job on that, because he can see the court so well. They're doubling him. He's unselfish. He'll get off the ball. We can make quick decisions and put their defense in rotation.

Q. Are you guys playing tight in the fourth quarter?
CHRIS BOSH: Well, we're 2-2.

Q. I mean in terms of --
CHRIS BOSH: It's the Finals. Every moment is tense. I'm tense right now.
No, I mean, we've lost two games, they've lost two games. At the end of the day, they've made mistakes and we've made mistakes. They have had some good fourth quarters, we have, too. They have had bad fourth quarters, we have, too. We wish we could change things before. All we can do is learn from our mistakes and just keep playing.

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