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June 7, 2011

Tyson Chandler


Miami Heat 83
Dallas Mavericks 86

Q. Tyson, talk about this performance tonight, how big a win it was for you guys and execution coming out and getting this must-win.
TYSON CHANDLER: It was huge. Early in the day we knew Dirk was battling a fever, and we knew it was going to be a tough win. But we knew we had to give it everything we got, because the worst thing we could do was go in the hole.

Q. Tyson, you had to make some adjustments in the first quarter. Ten offensive rebounds, what type of adjustments did you make to balance the rebound situation more?
TYSON CHANDLER: Just doing a better job of boxing out. A lot of times they put so much pressure on you with the dribble penetration that you find yourself ball-watching, and we don't get bodies on guys. Just turning around, checking guys out and moving them out so we could get boards.

Q. 13 points, 16 boards. Talk a little about the 21-9 run to close out the game, the role you played.
TYSON CHANDLER: It was all about effort. Like I said, we knew that it was going to be a tough night because with the lineup change and then the way Dirk was feeling, that we were going to have to step up. And we were going to have to do whatever it took to get the win. I knew my guys would need more shots tonight. So I tried to crash the boards as well as get out in the lane and run and get some ready baskets.

Q. Tyson, Dwyane played well offensively, but talk about him also defensively and the challenges he had at you at the rim two times.
TYSON CHANDLER: They're so athletic, it's amazing. Their shot-blockers come from the guard and the wing position, from D-Wade and LeBron. So as I'm going to the basket, normally you're looking for the big guy coming. You're looking for a guard, because he does a great job of kind of coming in the lane, finding you late. He's one of the more athletic guys in the league.

Q. Are you surprised you were challenged?
TYSON CHANDLER: No, no. He caught me at a good time the first time. The second time I was making sure either I was going to put the ball on the rim or him. (Laughter).

Q. Tyson, early in the game Brendan checked in at three minutes and wasn't getting around very well. There was a foul and it looked like you jumped off the bench and checked yourself into the game. Is that right?
TYSON CHANDLER: Yeah. I knew Brendan was trying to gut it out for us and just get out there. I knew that this is The Finals situation, and he really wanted to be out there. I told him before the game, we need you out there, but if you're not healthy enough to compete, then don't go out there. I seen that he was just trying to battle it out, but I told Coach, "You have to get me back out there. I will play 48 if I need to."

Q. You jumped off the bench. It wasn't them saying "Tyson"?
TYSON CHANDLER: Yes, I wanted to go back in the game. I didn't want them -- they go on those big momentum swings where they put up 15 points in a row, 8 points in the row.

Q. The fourth-quarter defense where you couldn't hit shots to sustain the lead. Where was that intensity coming from and how much did you need that to close the game out?
TYSON CHANDLER: Just the will to win. We had a tough time making shots tonight. But our defense kept us in the game. Our scramble, being able to get our hands on deflections, causing them to be scattered and be easy baskets. When you're not shooting the ball well will, you have to find other ways.

Q. Also you guys have lacked that depth all series long. Guys stepping up around Dirk. How much did you take that criticism from the outside personally and had to get it done in this game?
TYSON CHANDLER: I just took it personally because this is The Finals, and I'm going to give it all every second I'm out there. When I saw the man walking today, he was barely able to talk, I knew I had to have a big night. I just told myself what can I do that I haven't been doing of late. And I felt like I can get out and run, open things up, get on some screen-and-rolls and open myself up on the glass.

Q. Tyson, you talked about how athletic they are. Your defense throughout the series in pick-and-rolls situations has been good and tonight it was great. Can you talk a little about what the adjustment has been on getting so far into the ball on them?
TYSON CHANDLER: They put so much pressure on you. Dwyane Wade is unbelievable in the pick-and-roll. His hesitation, he keeps you off balance. He attacks you, when you retreat. We did a good job of kind of containing him and forcing him into tough shots and shots I felt like they didn't want to take. Even still he hit some amazing shots. He hit one shot, I can't remember what quarter it was, with Shawn Marion all over him. I thought it was a great defensive possession. But it's just the pressure they continue to put on you. But we did a better job tonight of kind of stringing them out and making the rotations.

Q. Tyson, just how sick was Dirk? And what will you remember about what he was able to do under those circumstances?
TYSON CHANDLER: I'm just going to remember it's always better when you win, but the effort for him just coming on the floor. The average person, you know, has sick days and battling 100-something (fever), you know. It's just tough to get out of bed. This guy is playing against the best athletes in the world, and he's putting himself out there, because if he has a terrible night, he's going to get criticized about him not making shots and not stepping up in the challenge.
But he put all that on the line and he came out there with his teammates.

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