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June 7, 2011

Erik Spoelstra


COACH ERIK SPOELSTRA: Everybody is ready to go.

Q. Erik, there's been some talk about a change to the starting lineup for Dallas. Do you wait to see what they do?
COACH ERIK SPOELSTRA: I'm not going to make a change.

Q. Okay.
COACH ERIK SPOELSTRA: If anything, it's not who, it's what. What they'll bring, what we bring, how we play, our disposition. Certainly, it will probably be a key for them to try to pick up the tempo, play at a pace, push the ball at every opportunity. We've been dealing with that now for over a month. So our habit is to get back, do it with a sense of urgency and get our defense loaded is paramount. You know, and we can play at different paces, of course, as well.

Q. Erik, Dwyane was saying this morning that every game, especially in The Finals, you go in wanting that killer instinct, but you have to choose your words very carefully. He said when he was talking to his teammates about how to get that across for a particular game. What kind of words are you using to get your message?
COACH ERIK SPOELSTRA: Different things. What I'll say to the teammates to them -- that's right, you guys don't get to see the board anymore. What a shame. (Laughter).

Q. You're broken up about that, I know.
COACH ERIK SPOELSTRA: What a shame. My message is on the board. You guys ruined it, whoever started tweeting it.

Q. Did you have a general thought of how to go from day to day in terms of intensity?
COACH ERIK SPOELSTRA: I do. Our guys are a mature group. We understand what's at stake and all the work we've done to get to this point. The thing that's important is our disposition and staying in the moment. We can't think about anything but this game tonight, knowing that they're going to bring an incredible amount of energy and this building will be loud. There will be some emotional bursts that we have to withstand. We did that the other night. There were three times we got to a double-digit lead, and you have to give them credit. They came roaring right back. We were able to hold them off.
And yet still it became a possession game, make or miss down at the end. I'm sure it will likely be like that again tonight.

Q. Erik, you guys are said all year long, even if Chris goes through a bad stretch, we don't worry about Chris. He's going to rebound, and he normally has. In these first two games, to his standards, he didn't really have a very great game. How much do you think that last shot can sort of spark him a little bit going forward and have him have the type of series that he wants to have?
COACH ERIK SPOELSTRA: We'll see. I'm not panicked about it, even before that. He brings so many things to the table that helps us. Defensively he's anchoring us. Whether he's making shots or not, we run a great deal of our offense through him. And he allows it to work.
Now, there's no question about it, we're a more dangerous team the more aggressive he is. Even some of the attempts he missed last game right at the rim, I like it. I just want him in attack mode. I want him aggressive.
He knows how to facilitate and get other people involved. Him being aggressive makes us a different team.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Coach.

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