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June 5, 2011

Jiyai Shin


THE MODERATOR: All right, we'd like to welcome Jiyai Shin into the interview room. Congratulations on your round today. I know it wasn't quite the finish you were hoping for, but great playing, and a runner up finish. Can you talk about the round today?
JIYAI SHIN: Well, I finished in second. I was very close to the win. I had a chance to win, but I got a little bit of pressure on the course. But I tried to control my thinking, my mind.
I did my best. I played very well, too, I just missed a couple of the short putts. But I made a lot of birdies today. I feel it's okay because we still have a lot of tournaments to finish. The last two events I didn't have any chance for the win, so I feel really good, and I have confidence too.

Q. Could you just talk about the putt on 18; how long was that and what did you see there?
JIYAI SHIN: It was 8 feet to the hole, and a little bit downhill, left-to-right. Today I made a lot of birdies the same distance, so I had a good feeling before I hit. But I didn't hit very well because I'm very nervous, because I know the putt is very important to win. I hit a little miss, and I hit a little short, so I missed that.
Well, but I learned a lot for this week. Actually, every time I learn a lot from the golf. I'm learning the game, so now I finished good this week so I will prepare for next tournament.

Q. Did you watch the leaderboard at all out there? Did you know pretty much what was going on with Cristie and Brittany?
JIYAI SHIN: Yes, I'm all the time watching the leaderboard because it's very important to -- like I have to know how the others are playing. So I watched the leaderboard up to 14, 13, I was the leader and so I'm thinking, okay, don't miss.
And on 14, 15, I hit it not bad, just bad luck. Just bad luck. I had a great comeback at 17, so I feel I was excited (laughing).

Q. How did you feel after Brittany hit her second shot in what looked to be a really bad lie on 18?
JIYAI SHIN: Well, I watched Brittany's shot to the left side of the green. It was a great shot. I looked at, oh, she takes it. It was really a tough lie, and the situation very close to win, very important shot with the pressure, that she hit that shot was amazing and a great putt too.

Q. If you can tell me something about the difference you feel between yesterday and today?
JIYAI SHIN: Well, not really, because this morning I think oh, I still have a chance to win. So I tried. I get a little bit of adrenaline this morning. I like that feeling. This morning I was really ready to play today. Not much different, because I'm all the time do my best and focus for my game too.

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