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June 4, 2011

Graeme McDowell


GRAEME McDOWELL: Nearly had a two-shot penalty there to add to my eventful day. Mr. Paramor just explained the rules to me there.
My second chip on 12, when I saw the result that I didn't quite get to the green again, I clumsily sort of tapped any damage down and then looked up as the ball come rolling back down past me, and I instinctively said to my caddie, I said, I think I might have just done a Camilo there, as in what he got penalised for and then disqualified for in Hawai'i.
But I just discussed it with John. My intent was not to improve my next potential lie. It was simply an instinctive reaction to the chip shot, you know, in disgust, repairing my damage. And if my intent had been to improve the lie or move something out of the way as the ball was coming down, I would have been penalised but thankfully my intent was not that.
Is that a fair description, Mr. Paramor?
JOHN PARAMOR: I think, yes, you've probably got a job on the staff now, Graeme, with that sort of description. Well done.

Q. And the day overall?
GRAEME McDOWELL: Seriously, obviously very disappointing. You know, I got off to a start where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Probably one of the only shots I take back in the early holes, and that is my second shot on 1, trying to get a little greedy, hit the lip there and goes into the other trap and semi-plugs, so that's double.
I pulled a horror lie for my third shot into two. My horror lie for my fourth into two. I just couldn't seem to get anything going at all.
And then the flyer on 5, I thought it was just over the back of the green, and I go up there and obviously it's in the hazard I didn't even know existed. That's double.
And then 7 was just a sort of bad swing which kind of got going on the wind and the out-of-bounds was a hell of a lot closer than I expected. I actually hit a provisional ball for a lost ball, didn't know there was an out-of-bounds back there.
Just one of those seven holes, one of the most crazy seven holes I've played in a long time. My head was spinning and I was swinging the club pretty loose. I felt like I got heavily punished for some mediocre golf. It certainly wasn't disastrously bad golf, but the golf course got so firm and fiery today there in a tough breeze like, that any mistake was going to be exaggerated.
And then 11 was the turning point for me. I battled to get myself back into a semi respectable position. I'm not out of the golf tournament. I'm standing on the 11 fairway with half of Newport, Wales, to my right-hand side and I pull it left in the water, and I completely lost my patience at that point.
You know, tried to hit a perfect shot to 12, hit the bank coming back, and then I just lost a head. You know, chipped it, chipped it; that was me, gone.
So, disappointing. Really disappointing day, because I felt like I was in control of my game, and I very swiftly got out of control out there today. A little bit of a flavour of that this season, I've been very impatient with myself when it goes wrong for some reason. I don't have that dig deep -- I've probably made more doubles and triples this season than I have in years. I need to address that and understand why that.
It's easy to be positive and upbeat when the golf ball is behaving itself, but when it's not behaving itself, why am I making doubles so easily? I don't know. I don't know the answer to that. Yeah, disappointing day but stuff happens.

Q. You've had a very grueling four weeks with four tournaments, you've had a lot of media things with all of these TV things; any sense of tiredness or not?
GRAEME McDOWELL: Those first seven holes were not about tiredness. There's no doubt about that. They were not about tiredness. Of course after 11 and 12 there, yeah, the energy goes out of you a little bit. You stop trying.
But the first seven holes were my golf tournament probably. Like I say, I battled -- the first 11 holes were my golf tournament; what am I, 8-over par through seven holes, playing about a 22 handicap, something like that.
You know, really proud of myself to birdie 8 and 9, standing on 11 fairway with a great opportunity to make birdie and like I say, just a stupid shot. And kind of broke my heart a little bit and that was me done.

Q. And tomorrow?
GRAEME McDOWELL: Just go out there and shoot 66 or 67 and go home and lick my wounds and get ready for Congressional really.
But obviously I'm infinitely disappointed right now. Like I say, there's some mental areas of my game that I've got to assess, and like I say, when it's going wrong, for some reason, I don't really have that dig deep at the minute. I didn't swing the club very well and it got exaggerated.

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