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June 4, 2011

Jason Kidd

DALLAS, TEXAS: Practice Day

Q. Where is your prepared statement?
JASON KIDD: I don't have it. I forgot it. Ladies and gentlemen --

Q. That sounds good. Everything in between. How big is Game 3?
JASON KIDD: It's a big game. I mean, this is for us our first game home. We want to protect home. We were just on the road. We understand their mindset to try to get a win on the road. For us we have to be prepared for us.

Q. It's not entirely comparable, but do you remember your team's (Nets) mindset after Boston came back from 23 back, how you handled it? Just emotionally?
JASON KIDD: I think it was we were -- I mean, we were hurt. Especially to give one away, and then have to stay there and just sit in that town and just hear everything about the collapse. And almost be in the exact same situation the next game when we were up big, and Kerry makes a great pass to Keith for a great shot.
So just the experience of going through it, and then the next game being in the same situation and just handling it a lot different. Understanding that they feel like they gave one away. They're going to be ready to come in and take this one on tomorrow night.

Q. When that happened to you, you guys knew you still were a better team. Everyone else did, obviously, that the series was going to take the turn and you weren't going to be able to get it back. It was simply about you guys, you knew you were a better team.
JASON KIDD: Keeping your composure. Understanding not to panic and play the game out, and I think our confidence level as a whole I thought got stronger in that situation. We were going to be faced with that again, which we were. We handled it the right way.

Q. Dirk is being a little more vocal, can you talk about that?
JASON KIDD: I think it's great. Again, in this game, you're never too old to learn and grow. I mean, and I think he's done that by speaking up, talking, because he's not a guy who is going to say a lot. But when he does say something, everybody listens and takes it to heart.
So I think in that aspect he's grown in a big way. Being able to make the right pass and sharing the ball, trusting his teammates and playing defense. He's grown in that area, too.

Q. How do you feel about how you guys are playing?
JASON KIDD: I think we all know we can get better. The one area that's big is taking care of the ball. We have had so many turnovers in the first two games.

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